Royal Holiday in Africa


Many vacationers seek out well-trod travel routes, but some Royal Holiday members are in search of a true adventure—and that’s exactly what the company’s African resorts offer. A rapidly developing part of the world, Africa is exciting and volatile, and boasts natural and cultural treasures aplenty. Travelers can visit ancient Egyptian wonders, tour the cosmopolitan cities of Casablanca and Cape Town, and view wildlife on the continent’s many nature reserves.

While travel in Africa can be more difficult than in highly developed regions of the world, the continent is ripe for exploration, and many outsiders have been intoxicated by the unique rhythms of life found there. When traveling in Africa, it can be important to remain patient and flexible, and to go with the flow of the slower pace of life rather than fight it; a guidebook from a respected travel authority can provide the cultural information and background that can help ease the transition. Furthermore, despite increasing modernization throughout the continent, its climate and vast stretches of wilderness necessitate mosquito nets and other protections when traveling in rural areas.

Royal Holiday vacationers can stay in some of Africa’s most exciting and enchanting cities. In Egypt, the ancient world sits next door to the modern capital of Cairo as the Nile floats steadily by. The famous Pyramids of Giza are even more astounding up close, and the impressive modern light shows at the Temple of Luxor add levity to some of the oldest man-made monuments in the world. But Egypt has more than ancient ruins; the Red Sea Riviera is home to several fabulous beachfront resorts, while the Sinai Peninsula’s deserts and mountains offer outdoor excitement. In all, a trip to Egypt can provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences, from a cruise along the Nile, to dining with Bedouins, to diving among the stunning coral reefs of the Red Sea.

For those looking for an African vacation in an accessible location, Morocco is an excellent choice. The country’s close distance to Europe and position at the mouth of the Mediterranean have greatly influenced its history, and its culture still bears traces of the French colonial period. Visitors will delight in Marrakech, with its mosques topped by distinctive minarets, its bustling open-air markets, and cool rooftop cafes. Casablanca, the exotic city at the heart of cinema’s greatest love story, remains the country’s top destination, and offers world-famous dining and entertainment, as well as easy access to the beautiful Atlantic coast. A trip to South Africa, on the other end of the continent, should also not be missed; the country is home to modern, exciting cities and vast stretches of wilderness.

From a home base in Morocco or Egypt, many of the wonders of Africa’s rich culture and natural beauty are available. Tourists can explore the vast Sahara or venture up the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, or take a guided safari in a wildlife reservation. In 2013, the World Bank identified Africa as one of the world’s fastest-growing tourist destinations, which means there are more vacation opportunities than ever before. From mountain climbing in Kenya to conservation retreats in Namibia, Royal Holiday members have the chance to experience Africa from its most comfortable resorts and hotels.