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Welcome to the Royal Holiday destinations guide, a comprehensive overview of the company’s wide range of destinations. Featuring nearly 200 resorts located in more than 50 countries, Royal Holiday offers its members unsurpassed freedom and flexibility for choosing the perfect getaway, whether that involves an exotic adventure in Africa or a relaxing stay in Mexico. With its wide range of membership options, its dedication to customer service, and its worldwide reach, Royal Holiday makes it possible for anyone to make their vacation dreams come true.

Unlike traditional timeshares, which are inconsistently available and limited to a single location, Royal Holiday gives its more than 100,000 members access to the entire world of traveling options. Joining Royal Holiday will lock in prices for the next 30 years, enabling long-term vacation planning, while its innovative holiday credits system enables travelers to take their vacation time on their schedule. At higher levels of membership, vacation planning can be performed years in advance, and Platinum and Royal members gain access to perks such as cruise ship and special tour booking, lowered Holiday Credit pricing, and VIP services. All membership levels, however, gain access to Royal Holiday’s price savings and seasonal offers, as well as a suite of options designed to make vacation planning fun and easy.

This guide will cover all of the regions served by Royal Holiday, which includes resorts on every continent but Antarctica and options to fit any traveler’s desires. For Americans looking for destinations close to home, the company offers access to dozens of in-demand resorts throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada, including easy access to wilderness retreats, beachfront getaways, and urban adventures. For those looking to soak up the sun in tropical paradises, the resorts on several Caribbean islands will fit the bill, while other members may be interested in the flipped seasons and exotic locales of South America and Africa. Urbanites and history buffs may wish to experience the grandeur of Europe via Royal Holiday’s access to luxurious hotels and resorts in countries from Spain to the Czech Republic, while others will look to the company’s offerings in Asia, which range from the historic splendor of Jerusalem and Istanbul to the modern beach getaways of Thailand and Indonesia. Regardless of where members decide to go, Royal Holiday makes the vacation selection process easy, with the portal providing easy web-based solutions for every step.

In addition to shining a spotlight on some of the most exciting Royal Holiday vacation opportunities, this website will include blog articles on everything involved in the traveling process. While Royal Holiday provides the destination, getting there still requires some vacationing savvy, and the website’s blog will include everything from tips on how to pack efficiently to figuring out the best way to maximize your travel fun while minimizing common issues. The website will also include specific information on numerous destinations, offering tips on what to see, do, and experience to make every moment of your vacation count. Check Royal Holiday Destinations for up-to-date deals.

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