Aruba, the Perfect Island



Aruba is a small island near the coast of Venezuela. It is part Dutch with Spanish heritage, but definitely Caribbean, as can be seen in its amazing white sand beaches and clear waters, with every shade of blue imaginable. Aruba is also distinguished by its perfect summer weather, it hardly ever rains there, and the population is known for being particularly friendly.

In short, Aruba is amazing. It has its own languages, Papiamento, a rather curious mix of Spanish and Dutch with a dash of Portuguese, French, and English; and the native language, Arawak, which mixes in some doses West African tongues. It is also a manageable island, with no long distances between its main attractions- of which there are many- like a variety of irresistible shopping, casinos, bars, cafes, stunning landscapes, and beaches that are simply unbelievable.

The capital is Oranjestad, its picturesque architecture pays homage to all the cultures that inhabit the island. Its main street, Wilheminastraat, is ideal for walking and window shopping, and features a colorful impressive pure Dutch style. Nearby, in the area of Fort Zout, a weekly festival is held for visitors, featuring typical cuisine and dances that make it a real carnival. In that entire area there are crafts, painting, jewelry, electronics and luxury item shops with good, tax free prices. The local cuisine radiates quality and variety anywhere one might sample it. It is distinguished by exquisite fresh seafood based dishes, prepared with spices and irresistible ethnic touches.

However, the main attraction of Aruba are definitely its beaches. In Aruba you can forget everything and relax in the sun, snorkel in its beautiful and tranquil beaches, or embark on the adventure of exploring its natural beauty, such as the caves of Fontein in the famous Ayo rock formation, a challenge of physical prowess for the most daring. You may also enter the well-known Tunnel of Love, a walk of about 550 yards below the ground.

For the more relaxed spirits, there are golf courses and quiet climbing paths to the top of Hoolberg, a mountain that stands in the center of the island and from which you can appreciate a beautiful panoramic view of the territory. Aruba’s historical patrimony also worth seeing. There are interesting sites to visit throughout the island, like the Ruins of Bushiribana. The island can also be toured on horseback or by foot on well-marked trails and dunes, and there are ostrich farms that delight children. In Aruba life happens at a leisurely pace, and its inhabitants prioritize respect for cultural heritage and nature.

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