Work Made Fun – Making the Most out of a Business Trip


Despite sharing the same planes and hotels, business travelers have little in common with the vacationers they encounter on the road. Traveling for work often includes all of the stress of vacations without any of the fun. Dealing with airlines, navigating foreign cities, and handling jet lag seem much more manageable with a beach at the other end of the journey rather than another meeting room. However, with a little work, business travel can be painless and even fun.

The savvy business traveler enjoys something that vacationers do not: experience. Most people take one or two vacations a year, at most, while business travelers often board a plane several times a month. Therefore, seasoned travelers can quickly create a travel routine that eliminates all stressors. One smart idea is to pack a bag with everything except freshly laundered clothes so that all the necessities, such as travel-sized toiletries or charging cables for electronic devices, will be ready to go. Packing light can also be a big help. Travelling with only a carry-on makes the trip from plane to taxi only as long as the walk from the terminal to the curb.

Many businessmen and women work hard to stay productive throughout their trip. Others prefer to combine work and pleasure, enjoying their destination city between meetings. However, all business travelers should conduct plenty of research about their location. Learning the details of a new city’s transportation options, restaurants, and local landmarks can be useful when scheduling meetings with colleagues, seeking out opportunities to give speeches or sell products, and figuring out ahead of time what food options will be available. Additionally, understanding the city’s basic layout will help travelers plan activities and locations that fit into a busy work schedule.

Business travelers should also have a plan to mitigate the effects of travel. No one is at peak performance when he or she is experiencing jet lag. Whenever possible, people should schedule travel with the goal of providing plenty of time to acclimate to new time zones.