Royal Holiday in the Caribbean


Ask people what their ideal holiday looks like, and they will often describe something like a Caribbean island; luckily for Royal Holiday club members, these dream vacations can easily become a reality. The Caribbean, a region comprising over 700 islands separated into 30 territories, remains one of the world’s most desirable tourist destinations, every island its own jewel in a crystal-clear sea. With over 30 years of experience helping members discover the islands for themselves, Royal Holiday offers everything from bed-and-beach simplicity to all-inclusive luxury resorts.

One popular destination, the Dominican Republic, enjoys year-round sun and warmth while offering visitors both modern luxury and ancient history. The home to the oldest New World city and featuring breathtaking architecture in the Spanish Colonial style of the 16th century, the Dominican Republic has a proud history, one it explains to tourists via its excellent museums, such as the Museo del Hombre Dominicano. For those less interested in yesterday and more fascinated by today, the Dominican Republic offers exciting nightlife on the Malecón and baseball games at the Estadio Quisqueya, while the Damajaqua Cascades and the National Park of the East show off the island’s stunning waterfalls. Despite the wealth of activities the Dominican Republic has to offer, the beaches themselves are all white sand and clear water, and relaxing with a cool drink while the tide drifts in and out may be more sublime than any museum or waterfall.

Likewise, Aruba’s beaches have gained worldwide renown, with numbers of private coves and wide white coastlines comprising places like Palm Beach, Druif Beach, and Manchebo Beach, among many others. A Dutch island off the coast of South America, Aruba possesses more than just beaches; the friendly beachfront rental companies allow visitors to enjoy everything from jet-skis to catamarans, and the calm waters make for the perfect water sport conditions. Further inland, the island offers an Archaeology Museum and charming art galleries, as well as countryside farms and animal sanctuaries dedicated to ostriches, donkeys, and butterflies. Between hiking in Arikok National Park, exploring the ancient cavern homes of the Aruban natives, and enjoying the idyllic inland countryside, there is something in Aruba for tourists of all ages.

Puerto Rico, another Caribbean jewel, also strives to offer the complete vacation package. With 300 miles of stunning beaches, Puerto Rico does not disappoint those looking for a sand-and-sun-filled getaway. The island’s true allure comes from the varied activities available from resorts in San Juan, Guánica, and Palmas del Mar. Nature lovers will enjoy touring the fascinating island ecosystem by taking a trip to Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Park or El Yunque Rainforest, while those looking for relief from the sun may want to explore the Rio Camuy Cave Park. The island’s rich history can be discovered through historic Ponce or Old San Juan, while children and adults alike will thrill at visiting San Cristobal or San Felipe Del Morro, forts built more than four centuries ago. Meanwhile, like other luxury resorts in the Royal Holiday family, Puerto Rican accommodations provide easy access to every possible diversion, making it possible to fit in a round of golf, a few hands of blackjack, and a dance at a nightclub, all within comfortable distance from a luxury resort.