Royal Holiday in Central and South America

Central and South America

Many vacationers look to Royal Holiday to provide access to new vistas and exciting journeys, and with more than 30 affiliated resorts and hotels across Central and South America, members have the opportunity to experience everything from relaxing on the beach to viewing the majesty of the Amazon. From the surf-and-sand paradise of Costa Rica to Argentina’s snow-kissed mountains, this region of the world offers a dizzying array of vacation options. Because of the relative affordability of travel throughout Central and South America, which is primarily due to increased regional trade and lower airfare prices, right now is the perfect time to visit this part of the world.

The northernmost Latin American destination for Royal Holiday members is Costa Rica, a tropical paradise where outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy activities like surfing off the coast of Santa Teresa or hiking through Cabo Blanco Natural Reserve. With year-round beach weather, Costa Rica is a wonderful country for water sport lovers, while budding marine biologists will enjoy the chance to see the astounding biodiversity of the Costa Rican rainforest. A country famous for its natural beauty, with nearly a fifth of its land set aside as a natural preserve, Costa Rica offers several options for the dedicated ecotourist, including Quepos, which provides easy access to the lagoons and mangroves of Manuel Antonio National Park.

Those who venture further south should not skip Brazil, South America’s largest country, which features thousands of kilometers of pristine coastline and some of the most exciting, vibrant cities in the entire Southern Hemisphere. The long and winding Amazon River serves as the country’s backbone, but its heart is Rio de Janeiro, its cultural capital, and Sao Paulo, its biggest city. Royal Holiday members often come to Rio for Carnival, one of the world’s largest festivals, but Brazil also offers lesser-known destinations that make for incredible vacations. Catch a wave at one of the beautiful beaches in Florianôpolis, take in the colonial charm of Paraty, or sample the delicious cuisine and nightlife in Salvador.

Among the Spanish-speaking countries of South America, Uruguay has emerged as a hot new destination for many travelers. A small nation just south of Brazil, Uruguay is known for its friendly culture and laid-back resorts. Its coast, known as the South American Riviera among seasoned travelers, features resort cities like Punta del Este, where marine sports enthusiasts and beachgoers flock to sandy beaches. For those looking for something beyond soft sands and cool blue waters, Uruguay’s capital city, Montevideo, remains one of the most charming destinations in South America. Its landscape features modern architecture juxtaposed with famous historical treasures, including a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Colonia del Sacramento. The area is also home to a number of natural hot springs.

The two countries that converge at the southernmost tip of the continent, Chile and Argentina, are a region unto themselves. Argentina stretches from subtropical forests to mountainous glaciers, and includes one of the continent’s most cosmopolitan and exciting cities, Buenos Aires, as well as “South America’s Switzerland,” the city of Bariloche, which features several ski resorts and quaint European-style lodges. Over the border in Chile, Royal Holiday’s ski resorts are mere miles from the beach and cities like Iquique and Santiago de Chile offer culture, music, and delicious cuisine.