Cariló, Argentina

Carilo, Argentina

Just a short 225-mile drive south from Buenos Aires, Cariló stands apart from the other Atlantic enclaves on Argentina’s beautiful coastline for its exclusive resorts and luxurious stylings, thus making it the perfect destination for the savvy Royal Holiday member interested in an upscale vacation. “Cariló,” which means “green dune” or “green sand dune” in the language of the Mapuche people, offers a beach and the ocean on one side and a handsome pine forest on the other, with all the usual vacationing amenities in between. Royal Holiday members who want a vacation filled with adventure and relaxing luxury alike will do well to choose Cariló.
The Royal Holiday affiliate in the city, Australis Paradise Cariló, exemplifies the region’s dedication to lavish comfort and ecological intelligence. An environmentally friendly resort, its rooms include fully equipped kitchens and balconies overlooking Cariló’s many beautiful vistas. With lodgings that range from cozy studios to presidential suites suitable for six adults, Royal Holiday members will have no trouble bringing the whole gang on vacation. In addition to its comfortable pool, Australis Paradise also features spa services, horseback rides, tennis and volleyball courts, and a host of other activities, though its main draw remains the beach, which is only 300 meters away.

Cariló’s first residents were cattle farmers and foresters, who transformed the sand dunes in the region into a gorgeous pinewood forest. Home to only 300 families year-round, the town itself is wholly dedicated to vacationers today, with the summer months drawing thousands every year to the secluded beaches and fabulous resorts in the region. Royal Holiday members visiting during the summer, will find themselves drawn to the excellent beach clubs, from the kid-friendly Chao Montesco to the gourmet delights at Cozumel. Seals can often be seen sunning themselves at low tide, but even with their company, the beach never gets crowded at this exclusive resort community.

Royal Holiday members searching for something more adventurous than sunbathing on the beach, however, will also find much to do. ATV rides are easily accessible for those who want to zip through the dunes, and horseback rides are readily available. The nearby Dos Montes ranch offers exhibitions of polo games, a popular pastime in Argentina, and General Madariaga, a small town close to Cariló, provides an excellent introduction to the Patagonian cowboy culture. Visitors in the off-season winter months will find these ranch-centric activities all the rage, and while the crowds stay at home, Royal Holiday members can enjoy the scenery and activities in peace and quiet.

For those itching for more than Cariló has to offer, the entire Costa Verde, or Green Coast, possesses numerous small towns worth exploring. Pinamar, Valeria del Mar, and Mar de las Pampas are all within a quick drive of Cariló, and each has its own unique charms. Others will want to invest their time in Cariló, exploring its distinctive sandy streets. Royal Holiday members can find Argentinean cuisine in the numerous excellent restaurants in the town, and the fishing opportunities at Salada Grande lake are second to none.