Curitiba, Brazil

Curitiba, Brasil

A modern and exciting city, Curitiba, the capital of the state of Paraná in southern Brazil and one of the country’s largest cities, possesses many traits that make it an excellent choice for the Royal Holiday member interested in an urban excursion. The winner of several awards for sustainable city planning and overall livability, this cosmopolitan destination offers an endless variety of cultural and artistic delights, from a distinctive opera house to numerous world-class museums, as well as a number of gorgeous and relaxing green spaces. The diverse population that calls Curitiba home often says “our parks are our beaches,” and the city truly provides endless opportunities for Royal Holiday ecotourists. While the weather may be cooler in Curitiba than the more popular beachfront destinations in the north, this Brazilian metropolis possesses the warmth of a vibrant, cosmopolitan city.
Royal Holiday members can book a stay at Slaviero Palace Hotel, a handsomely maintained luxury hotel located in the heart of downtown Curitiba. An excellent home base for urban adventurers and businesspersons alike, the hotel offers a number of perfect conveniences for the busy traveler, including laundry services and easy access to car rentals, as well as on-site dining options like Le Doyen. Located just a block away from the Rua das Flores, Slaviero Palace Hotel also sits within easy walking distance from locations like the Botanical Garden and the downtown shopping district.

Curitiba, a name derived from the Tupi people who lived in the region prior to the European conquest, has been a city of immigration and commerce since the 1850s, though it was established near the end of the 17th century. After 1950, the city grew at an explosive rate, and Curitiba’s leaders found themselves facing an urban planning nightmare, but swift action led to one of the most sustainable, walkable cities in South America. With its gorgeous parkland, an excellent bus system, and popular programs for recycling, Curitiba has surprised many travelers; Royal Holiday members will be delighted by the safety and sophistication of the city, a true gem set in the Brazilian landscape.

Those looking for diversions won’t have to travel far from the hotel. The Botanic Garden features greenhouses with stunning arrays of tropical plants, carpets of flowers, and fountains and ponds throughout. Royal Holiday travelers will do well to stop at the Jardim das Sensações to get hands-on experience with some of the fascinating specimens on display. Green spaces, like Barreirinha Park, the João Paulo II Woods and Memorial of the Polish Immigration, and the Alemão Forest all promise excellent hiking, biking, and relaxation, as well as insight into the many cultures that make up Curitiba. Theatergoers will delight in the city’s excellent venues and shows, including the Guaíra Theater’s Chorus Line performances, the annual Curitiba Theater Festival, and the beautiful Ópera de Arame, with its glass roof and open-air stages. Royal Holiday members looking for shopping opportunities will enjoy taking a stroll through the architectural wonders of “24-Hour Street,” while those looking for more excitement can take a trip to the Free University of the Environment at Zaninelli Woods.