Fortaleza, Brazil

Fortaleza, Brasil

The capital of Ceará state on Brazil’s north coast, Fortaleza’s equatorial climate, sparkling Atlantic waves, and friendly culture have made it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Brazil, the perfect place for a Royal Holiday member to enjoy a relaxing vacation. A sprawling city built nearby a fort (thus “Fortaleza”) created by Dutch settlers in the 15th century and later taken over by Portuguese colonists, Fortaleza enjoys a long history in addition to its truly extraordinary beaches. With its wind-swept waves holding swimmers and windsurfers alike, it’s the ideal location for a Royal Holiday member’s vacation.

Conveniently located only a city block away from the beach, Hotel Diogo has convenient access to all of Fortaleza and any amenity a Royal Holiday traveler could want. The hotel’s comfortable studio rooms offer views of the ocean as well as all the usual luxuries, and the friendly staff can find excellent tour guides for visitors who wish to explore the handsome landscape surrounding Fortaleza. The hotel’s grounds include two pools, a seaside-view sauna, and a gym, as well as a renowned room-service menu featuring traditional northeastern Brazilian cuisine. Many Royal Holiday members can’t help but fill up on the excellent breakfast served at the Hotel Diogo.

Luckily, that hearty breakfast will serve travelers well as they explore the fascinating city of Fortaleza. Visitors can enjoy a lunch of Ceará fish stew after visiting the Dragão do Mar Art and Culture Center, or CDMAC, which includes everything from a planetarium and theaters to a major museum and the Praça Verde event square, as well as a vibrant neighborhood surrounding the unique structure. Royal Holiday members with an interest in architecture will want to visit the José de Alencar Theater and the Metropolitan Cathedral, while nature lovers will prefer visiting the 60 hectares surrounding the Coaçu River that make up the Sapiranga Ecological Reserve. All visitors, however, will do well to visit the Nossa Senhora Da Assunção Fortress, formerly known as Schoonenborch Fort. This fascinating landmark offers stunning views of Fortaleza from the top of Marajaitiba Mount, as well as a look at the long and storied history of the region.

Fortaleza’s popularity as a tourist destination stems from its bright sun and ample opportunities for fun. Many people will find themselves dining exclusively at the barracas, the beachside restaurants that offer fresh seafood and refreshing drinks. Beaches like Praia do Futuro have some of the best barracas, while Mucuripe Beach provides visitors will a glimpse of the fishermen setting off in their handmade boats, called jangadas. Iracema Beach, named after a famed character from Brazilian literature, is just down the street from CDMAC, but for true relaxation Royal Holiday members should travel to Praia das Fontes, which offers excellent spa treatments. Travelers arriving in June can look forward to the festas juninas, a big local event. However, regardless of when visitors arrive, they can expect to hear forró music playing through the night and enjoy sun-drenched beaches all day.