Puyehue, Chile

Found in the incredible Los Lagos Region of Chile, Puyehue may be one of the grandest national parks in the Americas, with its shimmering lakes and towering volcanic mountains that make it the ideal vacation for the Royal Holiday traveler looking to enjoy Chile’s natural treasures. A short plane ride away from Santiago, the community known as Puyehue sits on the edge of the vast expanse of Puyehue National Park, which comprises more than a quarter-of-a-million acres of incredible splendor. Royal Holiday members will be able to enjoy the many treasures hidden within the park, as well as the numerous nearby opportunities for sports in all seasons, all from the comfort of one of Chile’s best all-inclusive resorts.

The Termas Puyehue Wellness & Spa Resort, Royal Holiday’s affiliate in the region, provides everything visitors might need and more, all in total luxury. Handsomely appointed, with comfortable studio rooms perfect for a romantic getaway or a small family vacation, the resort provides endless activities over its large grounds situated on the shore of Puyehue Lake and on the three islands within. Its thermal baths and world-class spa services make it the ideal place to relax, while its three restaurants and excellent bars will be any Royal Holiday gourmand’s delight. A convenience store and in-room cutlery make private dinners a distinct possibility, although it may be more fun to take your belongings out for a picnic at one of the nearby BBQ pits. Children will enjoy the dedicated kids’ area and the in-house bowling alley, while nearby activities like horseback rides, tours of the park, and bicycle rentals will make it easy to stay active. As a stunningly affordable all-inclusive option, it is ideal for the couple or family who wants the complete vacation experience, and the incredible natural setting makes it all the better.

Despite the ample opportunities provided by the resort for fun, no trip to Puyehue would be complete without exploring the outstanding national park. The Volcán Puyehue erupted following an earthquake in 1960, and the resulting explosive force, along with centuries of volcanic and glacier activity, have resulted in a truly unique landscape. Those looking for more information on the natural history would do well to visit the Centro de Información Ambiental, but tours through the region will naturally provide a wealth of information.

Paved roads through the park make driving the preferred method of travel, and given the amount to see and the vast space the park encompasses, it behoves Royal Holiday members to charter a ride to some of the best spots. Indio Fall, a handsome waterfall surrounded by myth and legend, will be well worth a visit, while guided tours will help members pick out the park’s unique flora and fauna, including the tall ulmo trees and the pumas and gray foxes traversing the park. During the spring and winter, however, many flock to the area in order to enjoy one of the excellent ski resorts in the mountain range. The most popular, the Centro de Esquí Antillanca, offers slopes ideal for those just learning to ski, and it is well known for its welcoming crowd and vast beauty.