Royal Holiday in Europe


Whether you dream of visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Vatican in Rome, or Big Ben in London, every traveler hopes to one day enjoy a lavish European vacation. Royal Holiday offers numerous options for hotels and resorts across the continent, providing access to the most exciting cities as well as the great natural beauty of the Mediterranean coast, the Alps, and the countryside. Thanks to cheap international travel throughout the European Union and the manageable size of its countries, Europe has never been so accessible.

For those interested in relaxing on the beach in European luxury, Portugal’s city of Algarve can be an excellent gateway to the continent, with its Golden Beach and rugged, rocky coastline. Others may want to travel further east to begin their European vacation in sunny Madrid or Barcelona, or start off in the north in glamorous, sophisticated Paris. No matter where your vacation begins, Europe’s compact size and well-developed transportation network means that urban excitement is never far from quaint pastoral villages.

Across the English Channel in the United Kingdom, Royal Holiday members can stay in chic London hotels, country inns, and even historic Scottish castles. Despite its reputation for rain, Great Britain has a long tradition of outdoor sports and leisure, and the countryside is perfect for golfing and exploring. Afterwards, enjoy a pint of beer or a cup of tea in one of the pubs that the country is famous for.

Others may prefer a vacation in Germany, which caters to both beer-loving foodies and stylish urbanites alike, often in the same city. The capital Berlin is a truly global city that mixes the modern and the historic, and serves as the ideal base for exploring the country’s many wonders, from the fairytale Neuschwanstein Castle to the famous Romantic Road, which traverses a stretch of the southern part of the country and includes stops at quintessentially German towns and villages.

In central Europe, Austria has earned international renown for its Alpine resorts, which have set the standard for ski lodge luxury and exciting winter sports. Visitors to Austrian cities such as Salzburg can take in an evening of Mozart after a daylong journey through the mountains or an afternoon in the historic Old Town. A few hundred kilometers to the east, Hungary offers European charm and hospitality without the high prices. Its capital, Budapest, has earned the nickname “Queen of the Danube” because of its glorious architecture and ancient history, while its countryside is beloved by birdwatchers and naturalists.

Further north, the Czech Republic serves as the unofficial capital of Eastern Europe, and Prague is its crown jewel. A thriving city filled with both contemporary thrills and old-world allure, Prague is an architectural paradise and major cultural center, while the Czech countryside includes Bohemian villages and spa resorts.

Finally, for those looking to connect with Europe’s ancient past, Italy is a must. Once the center of the mighty Roman Empire, Italy is still marked by impressive ruins throughout the country. From the winding canals of Venice to the marble-lined hallways of the Vatican, the country is full of world-famous landmarks. From Rome, the “Eternal City” where artifacts of a previous age live beside modern businesses, shops, and homes, tourists can venture out to explore Italy’s other attractions, from the beaches of the rugged Cinque Terre to the volcanoes and villages of Sicily.