Dyfed, Wales

Dyfed, Gemany

Located in gorgeous west Wales, Dyfed County possesses all the charms that have made Wales famous, as well as two of Royal Holiday’s best resorts in the United Kingdom. With its awe-inspiring landscapes, proud history, and wide range of activities, Dyfed makes for a fun-filled vacation with everything to offer. Within the county, one can find big cheerful cities and rustic villages, modern delights and ancient treasures, as well as one of the most breathtakingly beautiful coastlines in the world. Royal Holiday members have been flocking to soak up the fresh Welsh air for years now, and the club’s two options make it possible for everyone to experience this unique corner of the United Kingdom.

History buffs, as well as those looking for the most affordable gateway to Wales, will want to select Pantglas Owners Club, a Royal Holiday affiliate within an hour’s drive of the capital in Cardiff. A 19th-century country manor, Pantglas’ amenities are thoroughly modern; its Scandinavian-style lodgings can accommodate up to six people in absolute comfort, with full kitchens that often include coal-burning stoves. The resort’s grounds also offer endless fun, with an indoor heated pool, several dining options, a games room, sauna, and playground, among numerous other activities. Meanwhile, Royal Holiday visitors looking to experience Wales at its most luxurious will opt for the sumptuous condo-style lodgings at Laugharne Park, located southwest of Carmarthen on the River Taf. Its facilities include many of the same luxuries found at Pantglas, including a heated pool, as well as live entertainment and a truly gorgeous landscape. Both resorts offer easy access to all there is to see and do in Dyfed’s, though many Royal Holiday members find it hard to leave the comforts of these first-rate locations.

Like most of the UK, Dyfed is awash in history. The county was once the seat of the Kingdom of Dyfed and the home of the Irish Déisi people, and legends say that Merlin was born in a Carmarthen cave. Massive country houses and castles dominate the landscape, though the area’s vast, natural beauty has led to the creation of many nature preserves and parks. Royal Holiday members looking to experience the best of Dyfed will do well to rent a car and visit the numerous interesting sites across the county.

Royal Holiday visitors with literary interests will certainly want to take the trip to the poet Dylan Thomas’ home, while others will likely want to take an invigorating horseback ride on the Pendine Sands, a handsome stretch of sandy beach south of the resort. The nearby National Botanic Garden of Wales possess numerous excellent examples of native and foreign fauna and flora, as well as the largest single-span glasshouse on the globe, while quirky museums like the National Wool Museum and the Dolaucothi Gold Mines provide a glimpse into Wales’ unique character. Naturally, castles like Dryslwyn, Laugharne, Kidwelly, and Carew are well worth a visit, but Royal Holiday members looking for more excitement can find plenty to do, from coasteering in Pembrokeshire to riding rollercoasters at Oakwood Theme Park.