Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, Austria

A gorgeous city filled with music and incredible old-world charm, Salzburg possesses all of the beauty and sophistication Royal Holiday travelers expect from a European vacation. Nestled in the northern Alps, Salzburg is the gateway to Austria’s majestic mountains and its rich history; surrounded on all sides by picturesque European countryside, the city of Salzburg remains vibrant and exciting. Royal Holiday members looking to enjoy a vacation split between rural relaxation and urbane city life will find Salzburg just to their liking.

The club’s affiliate in the region, the CLC Alpine Centre, is located southwest of Salzburg in the town of Saalfelden and boasts cozy studios and ambassador suites in a family-friendly setting. The resort also features all the amenities necessary for a comfortable stay, including an indoor pool, solarium, laundry facility, bicycle rental center, and gym. In the winter, guests enjoy easy access to some of the best skiing in Europe, while the summer months bring all the joys of Austria’s Lake District to life, from fishing and sailing to biking and hiking. To enjoy the region fully, Royal Holiday travelers will want to rent a car; the many quaint towns dotting the region deserve exploration, although Salzburg itself will be the main attraction for many.

The area of present-day Salzburg served as the host for numerous settlements before the city proper was born when its founder, Saint Rupert, selected the former Roman city Juvavum for his basilica’s location and renamed it “Salis Burgium,” Latin for “salt fortress.” The name referenced the many salt barges that traversed the river flowing through town. For much of its history, Salzburg acted as an independent state known as the Archbishopric of Salzburg, but during the 1800s it passed between Bavaria and Austria, and the early 20th century’s turmoil put the city amidst frequently shifting national borders. By the end of World War II and the subsequent American occupation, however, Salzburg was firmly established as one of Austria’s major cities.

First-time visitors should begin with a simple stroll through the city, which offers incredible Baroque architecture at every turn. The towering Festung Hohensalzburg, which can be reached on foot or via a funicular railway, is one of Europe’s most impressive fortresses and offers excellent views of the surrounding cityscape; its museum also displays many historical delights well worth examining. Many Royal Holiday members will want to spend some time celebrating some of Salzburg’s most famous residents as well; the birthplace of Mozart can be found on Getreidegasse in Old Town, while fans of The Sound of Music might prefer a tour of the film’s well-known landmarks, including Nonnberg Nunnery, St. Gilgen, the Mirabell Palace and Gardens, and the town of Mondsee.

However, Salzburg and its environs offer far more than famous names. The city is rich in music, and Royal Holiday members will find numerous opportunities to hear fine classical music performances, especially at the Salzburg Festival House or Mirabell Palace. Gourmands will likely want to enjoy a delicious Mozartkugel, an incredible marzipan-pistachio-milk chocolate confection, while beer lovers may want to explore the Mülln district’s convivial beer gardens.