Royal Holiday in Oceania and Asia

The East has long been a place of exotic wonder for Westerners, perhaps since Marco Polo’s first travels to China in the 1200s. Today, Royal Holiday has made it easier than ever to experience Asia and Oceania. From Turkey to Australia, this vast region of the world contains hundreds of unique cultures, thousands of ruins of ancient civilizations, and even more exciting cities and destinations. And for those interested in pure luxury and relaxation, the many beach towns in Australia, Indonesia, and Thailand are home to world-class resorts and sparkling blue waters.

The gateway to the East has always been located in Istanbul, Turkey, the seat of power for empires and kingdoms across its thousands of years of history. An international city with one foot in Europe and the other in Asia, it serves as an ideal base for exploring Turkey’s vast natural and cultural wonders. In addition, the country’s Mediterranean coastal resorts provide access to the usual sun-and-sand pursuits, while its interior mountain peaks offer outstanding vistas and highlight its natural beauty.

To the south, Royal Holiday members can experience the Middle East in Israel, with all the sites of the Holy Land only a short drive from comfortable, safe, and modern hotels. Those interested in history and religion will find much to enjoy in this rich country, with Jerusalem providing easy access to other locations mentioned in the Bible, such as Jericho, Galilee, and Bethlehem. Despite its ancient past, Israel is also a country of modern metropolises, such as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, which offer all the excitements of urban life.

Many seasoned travelers recommend visiting India, with its thousands of years of history and rapidly modernizing cities. An enormous country with snowy mountains, sunny beaches, and everything in between, India represents the trip of a lifetime. Royal Holiday members have long enjoyed the resorts and beaches of Goa, which plays host to a large expat community and serves as an ideal base for further travel. In India, travelers can trek through the Himalayas and lounge on the shores of the Indian Ocean, as well as visit landmarks like the Taj Mahal and bustling cities like New Delhi and Mumbai.

Those looking to vacation in a tropical paradise may want to travel to Thailand or Indonesia, which are home to countless pristine beaches. Thailand, Southeast Asia’s most popular destination, features ruins of ancient kingdoms alongside modern, sumptuous resorts. Indonesia, a country of more than 17,000 islands, boasts international tourist destinations like Bali and tiny island getaways, as well as lush rainforests and stark volcanic landscapes. Both countries are relatively inexpensive and astoundingly beautiful.

The easternmost destination for many American travelers may seem like coming home again; Australia, with its friendly, multicultural population, wide open spaces, and bustling cities, offers many attractions to the dedicated traveler. From a resort along the famous Gold Coast, like those found in Palm Meadows, vacationers can travel inward to experience an outback adventure or sail out to snorkel and dive along the Great Barrier Reef. Others may wish to experience cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, with their exciting nightlife and internationally renowned landmarks.