Royal Holiday Regions

Offering members access to 52 countries with more than 180 hotel and resort options, Royal Holiday makes vacation planning easier than ever. Through the company’s wide range of destination options, members can tailor their experience to their individual needs and desires. Every Royal Holiday member wants something different from a vacation, and through the advantages of a vacation ownership club, every member is able to gain the full range of traveling options, from relaxing, all-inclusive beachfront resorts to luxury hotels in the hearts of the world’s greatest cities.

Through its unique approach to the traditional timesharing paradigm, Royal Holiday is able to offer its members every conceivable vacation experience. With the flexibility of Holiday Points, members can go whitewater rafting, snow skiing, or golfing one year and beach cruising or sightseeing the next, all without the hassle of micromanaging every aspect of the trip. Below is an overview of each of the regions served by Royal Holiday; click on the links to learn more, or to find out information about specific resorts and the activities offered in the surrounding locales.

United States & Canada

Like the countries themselves, Royal Holiday’s North American resort options cover the entire spectrum of the vacationing experience. Enjoy the great outdoors in Colorado or Québec, experience family-friendly fun in cities like Orlando or Park City, or find excitement on Hawaiian beaches or Las Vegas casinos.

Mexico – Royal Holiday’s first forays into the vacation ownership business started in Mexico, where it continues to offer unsurpassed access to some of the country’s most exclusive resorts. Party in Cancún or Puerto Vallarta, relax at the world-class spas of Cuernavaca and Tequesquitengo, or experience the country’s proud history and exciting future in Querétaro or Mexico City.

Caribbean – Understanding that many vacationers want nothing more than sun, sand, and the time to enjoy it, Royal Holiday offers access to some of the most desirable resorts in the Caribbean, including affordable vacation options on islands like Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Aruba.

Central & South America – From mountain resorts to jungle adventures, club members looking for a new frontier need only look south of the equator. Travelers can enjoy the sophisticated allure of cities like Argentina’s Buenos Aires or the natural charms of Costa Rica’s Quepos.

Europe – Thousands of years of history and culture are all accessible via Royal Holiday’s exclusive resort deals in Europe. Visit the ancient ruins of Rome, enjoy the magnificence of Paris or the charms of Prague, or relax in royal style in an authentic manor or abbey in the United Kingdom.

Africa – Ancient civilizations meet modern amenities at the club’s exciting resorts in Africa. See untamed nature in South Africa, visit the pyramids (and the spas) in Egypt, or enjoy the unique blend of cultures and traditions in Morocco.

Asia & Oceania – For those travelers looking to travel a bit more eastward, Royal Holiday offers a variety of resort options from Turkey to Australia and everything in between. Step into history in Istanbul and Jerusalem, or relax at the club’s unique Indian, Thai, or Indonesian resorts.