Royal Holiday in the United States and Canada

Encompassing millions of square miles that stretch from the arctic to the tropics, the United States and Canada offer infinite possibilities for the dedicated traveler. Each state or province provides its own unique charms, and Royal Holiday members can sample every delight. The United States and Canada region includes rustic outposts and urban oases, as well as everything in between, with options designed to fit any budget. These huge countries offer snowcapped mountains, pristine beaches, or urban jungles, all without necessitating the stresses and inconveniences inherent to traveling far abroad.

For many travelers, vacations provide an opportunity to experience warm weather and relaxation on the water, and Royal Holiday offers members numerous opportunities to enjoy sand, sun, and ocean from the comfort of a beachfront resort. Numerous resorts on the Hawaiian Islands include all-inclusive packages that provide everything necessary for a relaxing holiday, from challenging golf courses to exciting snorkeling and diving opportunities, while resorts up and down the Florida coast provide fun for the entire family. In the summer, many Royal Holiday members beat the heat by traveling to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, or Block Island, Rhode Island, where the urbane resorts of the New England coast cater to those looking for Colonial-era charm or a bit of “old money” glamour; others follow the East Coast down south, where North Carolina awaits, or even off-shore, visiting beautiful South Padre Island.

Others may want a more active vacation, and the United States and Canada Region offers adventures aplenty. In the winter months, resorts in Colorado, Utah, and Nevada offer unparalleled access to the best powder the West has to offer, while the year-round natural beauty provides a peaceful retreat for some and a call to wilderness journeys for others. In Canada, the great outdoors comes complete with luxurious five-star appointments and both winter and summer sports, as well as year-round opportunities to enjoy the untrammeled beauty of the United States’ neighbor to the north. In addition to all-season sports access, from hiking and fishing to golfing and sailing, many of the resorts in the American West and Canada offer the chance to unplug, relax, and get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

However, many people want to escape their sleepy hometowns and seek out excitement in the United States’ biggest cities, and Royal Holiday offers members the chance to enjoy these metropolises without sacrificing comfort. Members can choose between a number of exciting cities without compromising on luxury. Explore the City that Never Sleeps in some of New York City’s most exciting hotels, enjoy the best of both worlds with beachfront Miami resorts boasting easy access to thrilling nightlife, or enjoy the hilly streets and European flavor of San Francisco. Regardless of choice, whether Orlando or Las Vegas, Royal Holiday provides easy access to important cities for business or pleasure, while simultaneously offering the comprehensive services necessary to cater to everyone from single adults to big families.