Northeastern USA – and Low Season Winter Travel for Two!

Low Season Travel

Lake Placid in the Low Season, the perfect weekend away and lots of space to explore. (From the Lake Placid website – click image to visit.)

Holiday Credit Extras at the Height of Low Season

If you have extra Holiday Credits – that 80% that can only be rolled over every other year – take a cue from other Royal Holiday members. They’re traveling better, more often, and at less expense, and still enjoying intelligent, low-season trips to interesting, off-beat and re-invigorating locations.

The existential thrill of wind blowing in from a sea convinced that winter is here, the companionship of long drive with the heater running and the car radio – getting away has probably been almost entirely covered. But you can still experience a world class welcome after a relaxing drive over highways we bet you already know.

 Lake Placid Club Lodges – Lake Placid, NY.

Vacation Condos in Lake Placid

The year-round popular Club Lodges in Lake Placid.

Super popular, the classic Adirondack hideaway, Lake Placid Club Lodges offer a mountain hideaway, fresh air and a fantastic escape. Two and a half hour hours drive from the Burlington International Airport. You’ll know you’re in for something special as the Adirondacks start rising up before you.

The Club Lodges enjoy steady positive reviews from guests who visit year round. Ski season (Prime Season) starts in January, but November and December offer terrific deals, and truly flexible check in dates mean you can go almost anytime your heart desires. You can even get two FREE nights between October 6 to November 2, 2012 when you book before September 30th.


Cape Winds Resort in Cape Cod

Year round swimming and fun on Cape Cod

The two Royal Holiday Cape Cod resorts swing into high gear for the Summer, but think about November when the sea is as promising, clear and wide, and there are no crowds.

Take a few bottles of wine. Long walks on the beach become moments to remember forever. With a beautiful indoor swimming pool and multiple units to choose from, the Cape Winds is a favorite year round, but in the low season, it’s a lot quieter, and perfect for two. You can almost hear the seagulls now. See this 2009 New York Times article for more ideas on all the things there are to do and for some insight into the spirit of a Cape Cod winter vacation.


Cape Cod Holiday Estates, Cape Cod

A walk on the beach is a time for reflection, no matter what time of year you visit.

The 2012 Wellfleet Oyster Fest is one more reason to head to the Cape for some low-season R&R. October 13 and 14 will see every oyster vendor in the area serving up their finest. Cape Cod Holiday Estates offers perfect access from the southern Cape, and a truly inspiring drive out to Wellfleet.

With another indoor swimming pool, full kitchens and comfortable space, almost all to yourselves there’s no better vacation condo from which to base your Cape Cod fall season adventure.

And d0n’t forget – getting there is half the fun. Cape Cod’s charming little towns, villages and beach-fronts are reflective, romantic and continually evocative.



Island Manor Resort, Block Island

Block Island Royal Holiday

The stunning Island Manor Resort – minus the summer crowds.

To the already initiated, Block Island is one of the great secrets of the Eastern United States. Far less visited than Cape Code – even in prime season – in the off season, Block Island offers substantial discounts. It’s only accessible – after the summer months – from Point Judith, though some will argue that the trip through Connecticut from more westerly points is actually a lot easier than a trip to Montauk, Long Island or even south from Boston.

The trip is not for everyone. What you get in exchange for very few Holiday Credits is a rugged island, and what true die-hards insist is the very best time to go. Notoriously crowded in the summer months, the fall season boasts wide open bicycle lanes and a few always spectacular sunny days. Like many islands, it’s a step back in time, and a concentrated thoughtful experience. Click here for some pictures of the island from one more off-season, Block Island enthusiast.


Atlantic City Royal Holiday

There’s always time for long walk and a weekend rediscovering the wind off the ocean. Photo:

Brigantine Beach Club, Atlantic City

Brigantine Beach Club has become a Holiday favorite for using up those non-transferable Holiday Credits in a fun, close and convenient location. It’s affordable to get to, and offers luxury furnishings, comfort and central access to the Atlantic City boardwalk, and even closer access to a beautiful stretch of Jersey shore.

Haven’t been to the new Revel Casino yet? Check it out on a long weekend this fall. Even closer than the boardwalk is the legendary Aversa’s Italian Bakery with famous, Jersey style sandwiches, lunches and out of this world desserts.

The Brigantine Beach club is one of the finest properties on the Island. The pool is closed during the off season, but there is still plenty to see and do. The property offers luxury accommodations, spacious suites in a condo resort setting, with plenty of extras and it’s literally convenient to the entire eastern seaboard.


Tanglwood Resorts in the Poconos, Pennsylvania

Poconos Tanglwood

The rec center and swimming pool are open year round for guests at the resort.

Being last and far from least on our list of favorite holiday destinations, Tanglwood is also one of the last and most significant resorts in the Poconos. The Poconos fall exactly into that spot where folks driving east decide they’ve really had too much of Pennsylvania! Take heart.

Tanglwood’s unique vacation condos make it into a fun, relaxing and re-invigorating place to stay, in the heart of the eastern United States. There’s a 2 Night Free Offer good until the end of October just for Royal Holiday members – and who doesn’t remember a long Pennsylvania drive with a loved one, maybe a little bit of rain, and fields and mountains that seem to go on forever?


Have an idea for Low Season or Winter Travel?

Let us know in the comments section what your experience has been and what other travelers should know about these vacation condos or your own favorites.

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