Sail the Carnival Glory to the Virgin Islands



Sail the Carnival Glory to the Virgin Islands

Shack Up in Aruba

Or Take Back Baja California in San Jose del Cabo


Dear Royal Holiday travelers –

Many of you realize that summer is already over.

Though it’s the height of June, we’re looking anxiously at September, October – even November.

As we’ve been booking Royal Holiday travelers, vacation-lubbers, and holiday revelers since the beginning of the year, the Summer Prime Season is just about booked solid.

US Virgin IslandsThere are still some vacancies for this Summer. Don’t worry. And we hope you’ll be enjoying more and more of all that Summer means to you – straight through till September.

Though we’re busy booking all kinds of things, I’ll tell you about just one important cruise coming up.

If you’ve never been to St. Thomas, you’re in for a treat! The historic harbor front in Charlotte Amalie is loaded with chic shops and boutiques and the Magens Bay Beach is whiter than white – (shown at right) and perfect for the all day you’ll spend there.

Oh, and you can take in Grand Turk, in Turks and Caico, on the same voyage.

Now, let me up the offer a little.

To celebrate the launch of our online Cruise booking, we’re offering every member who books a cruise online a special bonus. That’s 500 Free Holiday Credits – to use on your next cruise, or hotel or vacation – just for booking your cruise online! You can read more about the offer here.


Still determined to book this summer? We’ve got some terrific specials!

  • How about a free night in the heart of London? Take a free night when you book four at the St. Marks London!
  • Desert Heat? The Scottsdale Camelback Resort is still the best bet for ultra-modern convenience, comfort and access to everything. You’ll get two nights FREE on a seven night booking, all summer long.

They’re at it again!

We told you last month that a number of members have contacted us about inquiries from possibly fraudulent companies or persons offering to buy-back their memberships or Holiday Credits. Since we published the notice we’ve received more such reports and more information. We’re investigating all of them, but it bears re-iterating that Royal Holiday does not and will not make any information available to any 3rd Party company for the purpose of servicing or selling your membership – or for any other purpose.

carnival gloryWe’d love to hear from you.

Whether you sailed the Caribbean or laughed it up on the beach, we’re collecting stories from Traveling members – like you – through the end of this year!

We’ve heard from entire families in the Canary Islands, and a couple whose Paris Weekend turned into a rain-soaked re-discovery of the city of lights.

We’ve talked to members fresh back from the coast in Brazil and heard all about that re-union in Rome. There’s nothing we like better than to hear about how things went.

Please drop us a line and let us know what happened on your most recent holiday!

Whether you kept staring at your cellphone and crammed in a couple of hours of work each day – or you did it with style on the Cruise Ship of your dreams – we’d love to receive even a couple of lines about where you went, who you went with and what you did when you got there!


Royal Holiday


Xiomara Figarella

Membership Services Manager

Royal Holiday Travel Club


Remember: We’re giving 500 Free Holiday Credits to everyone who books their next cruise through our website. There’s never been a better time to Cruise ! 

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