Miami for Kids? Orlando for Grown-ups?


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More than Meets the Eye

Both Orlando and Miami are terrific vacation spots, and each has it’s obvious attractions. But with all those attractions, one starts to think only of the obvious – and therein lie many of the misconceptions that deprive our members of the truly fantastic vacations they deserve.

The biggest misconception of all may be that you can’t go back every year. But as you know, we built a whole Club around just the idea of going back – year after year after year.

But why stop there?

We’re always happy to explode a vacation myth or two, and these two are some of the most prevailing.

Two of the biggest myths in Florida Vacations go like this:

  1. Orlando is Just for Kids, and
  2. Miami is for Couples Only

We thought we’d take a side by side look, at the “Theme Park Capital of the World” but for Grown-Ups, and the “Adults Only South Beach Party” – for Kids!

Royal Holiday

Romantic Orlando for Grown-Ups:

Royal Holiday

Miami just for Kids:

Couples can be like kids, and still get lots of grown-up fun. These are just some of the things for adults to do in Orlando that are fun, fulfilling and may still bring out the kid in you. Kids take to Miami like fish to water. Even though the south Florida sunshine is perfect for the beach, the fun times you associate with Miami don’t stop there. There’s lots more for families and young people. Here’s just some more of what else there is to do…
  • La Nouba by Cirque de Soleil is live at Le Théâtre in striking downtown Disney. It really is all it’s cracked up to be, and at 90 minutes, it’s happening every night (except Mondays). Buy tickets in advance for serious discounts and enjoy the world’s favorite circus while it’s still in town.
  • Miami’s Monkey Jungle, pictured above, is one of the most consistently well-reviewed TripAdvisor destinations for kids in all of Miami. Hundred of primates run free, enchanting visitors and especially kids and make a super-cool afternoon for the entire family.

Royal Holiday

The Everglades!

  • Everglades National Park is a protected 1.5 million acres of natural paradise and will make your Miami trip feel like anything but a city vacation. Swamps, manatees, alligators and guided airboat tours bring you closer to primal nature than you’ve ever been. It’s close and there’s a lot to see and do.
  • CityArts Factory is FREE, like few other things in Orlando! Downtown Orlando’s biggest collection art and craft galleries. Local, national and international artists and craftsmen offer an intriguing and fulfilling backdrop for afternoon lunch or drinks. And there’s always something else going on.
Royal Holiday

Swim with the Dolphins

  • The “Trainer for a Day” program at Discovery Cove is just for adults and lets you in on some of the areas best reef snorkeling. Careful though – there are also sharks, barracuda and even sting rays, but you’ll probably want to stick closest to the dolphins.
  • Families spend literally all day at Miami Seaquarium. On the causeway between downtown Miami and Miami Beach, there is no end to the learning and the fun. The star, of course, is Lolita the killer whale, but Pacific white-sided dolphins are crowd-pleasers complemented by fish feedings, sharks, crocodiles and more.
  • American Art, Royal HolidayThe Mennello Museum of American Art hosts an outstanding collection of work by folk artist Earl Cunningham at 900 East Princeton Street. There’s also an outstanding lakeside sculpture garden and a roster of changing and seasonal exhibitions.

The Science Museum!

  • The Miami Science Museum is home to the Bird of Prey Research Center, the Space Transit Planetarium and the Weintraub Observatory as well as loads of exhibits and learning centers. There’s literally always something going on for kids, including the Sea Lab, and interactive exhibits on the climate, health, energy, wildlife and, of course, outer space. What’s not to love.

Epcot Center

Of course, we didn’t mean to imply that you have to skip the theme parks altogether (not like you’d want to!). Epcot Center has plenty for grown ups. Beyond the bars and night clubs – of which there are plenty – there’s also:

Mission Space – A thrilling space flight simulator

Test Track – Quite possibly the world’s best race track simulator.

Soarin’ – A spectacular flight simulator flies you through IMAX scenery that will leave you speechless.

The Living Seas – Everything from dolphins to sharks,  stingrays and jellyfish in Orlando’s coolest undersea lair.

At just about 1.2 miles from the Doubletree Biscayne Bay, you really owe your kids a visit to the Miami Children’s Museum.

Though closed on some holidays, there’s still a lot that’s fun. A whole gamut of interactive exhibits keep tykes occupied and there’s plenty to keep them going – all day long. Sized just for kids, there’s a bank, supermarket, hospital, fire station, veterinary clinic, and TV studio. Space for making music, art and even a miniature cruise ship mean that even the smallest kids get plenty to occupy them, and a kid-sized rock climbing wall let’s the truly energetic climb all the way to the ceiling in an environment that’s safe, fun and educational. At the end of the day, South Beach is just a short drive away, and there’s always more to do there!

Royal Holiday

One more thing!

An increasing number of Royal Holidays stop over in Orlando on their way to the cruise port at Cape Canaveral. Orlando is a great way to start out – or finish up your cruise vacation. The Canaveral port is increasingly popular, not just for Disney Cruises, but for other cruise lines too!

One other thing…

Royal Holiday travelers love the fantastic opportunity that Miami offers to those arriving from or setting sail on the cruise ships that head out for every corner of the Caribbean. Make your next cruise vacation just a little more over the top, and stay a few days in the City.

Just like Miami, Orlando gets hot – and there are day trips to the beach, hundreds of lakes and natural places to take enjoy and there’s a whole city to entertain you.If you’ve never been to Orlando – without the kids – think about it. Just like Orlando – Miami is fun for Kids!If the above isn’t enough to convince you, trying asking your kids. The beaches at Miami Beach, South Beach and others are the perfect backdrop for a vacation that can go in any direction you’d like. And we’re here to help you along your way.

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