Fun, in the Sun or Otherwise – A Spring Break Primer


Across the United States, the beginning of spring heralds one of the true joys of school-aged life: spring break. Whether you are an elementary school student eager for a few days of uninterrupted play or a college student ready for a weeklong party, spring break is a joyful occasion perfect for travel. While families with younger children usually take advantage of the break for a family vacation, high school and college students often take the opportunity to enjoy a first vacation away from their parents. Spring break is a wonderful time of year, and by keeping a few things in mind, it can also be one of the easiest vacations to plan for, regardless of your goals.

No matter what kind of spring break trip you want to experience, the first step is to plan far in advance. Huge swaths of the country travel during this time of year, and schools schedule their breaks far in advance, thus giving you plenty of time to make reservations. If you wait too long, you’ll find that many of the popular destinations and activities are already booked solid. This goes double for those who want a “traditional” spring break in places like Cancun or Miami Beach. Travelers who flock to the party destinations will also want to keep safety in mind. Drink in moderation and use the usual techniques to avoid drawing attention to yourself.

However, these kinds of party-heavy spring breaks aren’t the only way for young people to spend their week away from school. Spring break, which occurs well before the summer travel season, tends to be one of the cheapest times to fly to Europe, for example. In addition, many colleges and high schools offer a culturally rich spring break European trip. These fun trips to far-flung locations are a great way to expand your worldview. Another popular alternative spring break is to spend time with a volunteer organization, which can often involve service trips to fascinating places. Organizations like Habitat for Humanity, Break Away, and the United Way offer numerous opportunities for vacation volunteerism, which can bolster a resume or a college application in addition to providing a unique break.

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