Fitness-Focused Vacations Growing in Popularity


For most people, vacations are devoted to relaxation. While one might encounter the occasional cross-country skiing enthusiast or serious hiker, many prefer to travel someplace warm and to return home well rested and well fed. Increasingly, however, people are using their vacations to work out. Instead of spending their time on the beach, travelers are heading to ashrams, boot camps, and detox centers to rediscover wellness. Fitness vacations may not be for everyone. However, those looking to refresh their bodies or jump-start a healthy lifestyle should consider ditching the beach and heading to the gym.

Naturally, one of the most popular ways to enjoy a wellness holiday is to attend a fitness retreat. Those looking to combine healthfulness with luxury will find numerous options, ranging from the Canyon Ranch Executive Health Program, which focuses on business executives and includes a full health screening, to Ranch at Live Oak in Malibu Ranch, which offers a full spa and wilderness hikes. Alternately, one may opt for a more intense experience at a serious boot camp like Scotland’s The Camp, which combines the comforts of a Scottish estate with a grueling training regime designed by former members of the UK Special Forces.

However, it’s not necessary to attend a fitness-focused retreat in order to enjoy a healthy vacation. A vacation can be centered around a serious workout, ranging from hiking through the jungles of South America to skiing the slopes of Europe. Even urban vacations can be serious workouts, especially with an aggressive walking plan and excursions to local climbing clubs or gyms. Furthermore, it’s easy enough to pack up your resistance bands or even collapsable pull-up bars, and many hotels and resorts provide access to gym equipment. With a bit of planning and lot of dedication, any vacationer can return home slimmer and healthier than when they left.

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