Voracious Vacationing – Tips for Finding Good Food while Traveling


While Royal Holiday members often enjoy in-room kitchenettes while vacationing, even the most committed chef will likely want to enjoy the local restaurant scene at his or her destination. Finding somewhere good to eat, however, can be tricky. Luckily, with only a bit of research and an adventurous attitude, vacationers can make every meal an experience to remember.

Obviously, the easiest way to find great meals while traveling is to ask for advice, and many travel experts recommend tapping into your existing social network. Friends, and friends of friends, can be a wonderful source for finding hidden gems and excellent eateries. The Internet is also a handy source for discovering restaurants, and applications like Yelp or TripAdvisor can be very useful. Consider looking for food critics or bloggers focused on your destination, as these can be far more helpful than anonymous reviews. While focused foodies will likely want to schedule something like a culinary walking tour, the unprepared traveler can easily get good dining recommendations by simply asking people in the area.

Hotel concierges are the traditional targets for tourist questions about local restaurants, but those looking for a truly authentic dining experience will have better luck asking elsewhere. Hotel staff are all too likely to recommend a tourist trap, if not the hotel’s lobby bar. Instead, ask locals, preferably well away from where the tourists congregate. Cab drivers are often excellent resources for cheap local food, as are police officers, while shopkeepers and other sales staff can point out excellent nearby restaurants. Of course, exploring your destination on your own can’t be beat for finding unexpected surprises. Look for restaurants with big crowds of locals, and shun those that contain throngs of tourists.

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