Slicing the Powder – Take a Snowboard Vacation


Perhaps you’re an expert skier who is looking for a change – something a bit more exciting and stylish. Maybe you’re a first-timer when it comes to wintery holidays, and you would like to find a way to enjoy the slopes. Or perhaps you’re drawn to the impressive feats of sportsmanship displayed at the Olympics or X Games. No matter the reason you’re interested in learning to snowboard, there has never been a better time to try it. Unlike previous decades, when snowboarding was still a niche sport, virtually every ski slope or winter sports center offers snowboarding instruction, rentals, and infrastructure. Snowboarding is a skill that one can start learning in an afternoon. While it may take a lifetime to master, it will be time well spent.

Skiers naturally have a bit of an advantage, given that the experience of speeding downhill can only differ so much between one board and two. Complete beginners, on the other hand, generally lack experience and equipment. While one can rent a board and boots at virtually any winter resort, ski clothing is a bit more difficult. People interested in pursuing the hobby long-term should start by purchasing ski clothing, ideally well away from the expensive ski shops at the resort. While the basics are easily found, experts recommend that beginners add items like lacrosse shorts and wrist guards, as well as a properly fitted helmet. As a beginning snowboarder, you should expect to fall down a lot. Accomplishing that without injuring yourself is best done with protective gear.

Next, find a good place to learn. Online research is key to finding a good resort with a well-reviewed snowboarding school, although virtually every winter sports destination will have good options available. Every beginning snowboarder should start by taking lessons at the slope. It’s also helpful to keep a few tips in mind. If you are practicing at home, go out when the snow is appropriately powdery and soft. Remember the basics: keep your eye on where you’re going – not where you are – and be cognizant of how you shift your weight between the heel and toe. Finally, beginners would do well to watch some instructional videos and practice a bit in their living room. Even without going downhill, one can get a great sense of a board’s balance and flex.

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