Avoiding Stuffed Suitcases – What to Leave at Home

Avoiding Stuffed Suitcases - What to Leave at Home

Avoiding Stuffed Suitcases – What to Leave at Home

Ever since the first travelers decided to leave home and explore somewhere new, packing for a trip has been a major headache. A few hardened travelers can get by with little more than the clothes on their backs, but for the rest of us, vacation time means days spent agonizing over which outfits and comforts to bring. And for longer vacations, the packing beforehand becomes even more difficult. Luckily, travel experts have found that many people pack things they don’t really need, and leaving these things behind will leave plenty of room for everything else.

First, it’s worth remembering that having too much of a good thing can really wreck a suitcase. Bringing lot of clothes, including shoes, jackets, and coats, can quickly create bulky luggage, so pare things down, if possible, to a very small selection of interchangeable tops and bottoms, and perhaps one extra pair of shoes. Remember that wearing something is the easiest way to get it where you’re going, so throw that coat on when you board the plane. Likewise, bringing full-sized shampoos and conditioners will only serve to hold up security lines, and if you are staying at a hotel, bringing along common toiletries like these probably won’t be necessary.

Next, consider simply leaving many electronics at home. Most people have grown accustomed to carrying around an array of devices, but these will just be a distraction on vacation. Ideally, you should bring a single tablet or similarly slim device and leave all the rest at home. Flashy adornments like jewelry or fashionable purses can also stay at home, where they’re far less likely to be stolen. Finally, don’t fall into the trap of aspirational packing. The book you’re not reading at home is likely to just be the book you didn’t read on vacation.

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