Travel Europe through its waters from Italy to The Netherlands


We have recently learned that it is now possible to rediscover the waters all the way up between Milan, Italy and The Netherlands capital, Amsterdam. However, there is much more than traveling through five countries in a boat: good drinks and food, plus the wonderful views are waiting for you to join the ride. Everything you need to know from the big cities of Europe is included on this amazing trip, accompanied on board by the most delightful dishes of every traveled region. Keep on reading below to learn what you may visit and experience in a ship trip all the way up from Milan, Italy to Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

For starters, let us have dinner on board

Truly, varied cuisines may be tasted on board, and more than sipping or chewing different flavors and manners of cooking, it is a cultural immersion, getting even to enjoy and eat as uniquely as local people do. Ergo, here we are talking about a cultural rediscovery that goes beyond a simple journey from one place to the other. Apart from being exclusively an aquatic tour, this adventure embraces both vegetarian and meat-eating preferences, featuring from a pike salad, potatoes, and risotto to peas cream and fresh fillets of perch. We are missing something here: our drinks. Wine varies from strong white to light red one, because we are departing from Italy, and not drinking wine would be more than a sin.

Sit down next to the window, and watch Milan before your eyes

Image courtesy of Félix Prado at

Image courtesy of Félix Prado at

This is only the beginning of our trip, and we already had dinner, we are sitting on a comfortable chair, next to a window, enjoying the landscapes and beautiful views to Milan. But you might say it is not fully perfect. Well, waiters just passed by and let us try some of their multi-flavored and just amazing, best gelato. Nevertheless, ice cream can be also an option for veggies and vegans, of course. They offer up to ten different fat-free flavors for us to be comfy. Furthermore, not everyone likes or wants super delicious Italian gelato, so they also have wine, cocktails, and beer to offer. They are so thoughtful!

Discovering the Danube, act one

Our next stop is Vienna, Austria. Separated by a few hours of distance, these two historic cities have lots of culture to offer. Once arrived in Vienna, we can travel through its landmarks all the way through the Danube, one of the most representative rivers in Europe, and the longest one of the European Union. Bars, varied restaurants, hectic terraces, and traditional local stores are everywhere for us to enjoy and discover. From different wines to local beers and special dishes, staying in Vienna through the Danube is the greatest option for travel. Dishes usually contains diverse types of fish, so there are not options for our vegetarian friends on this destination.

Buda plus Pest divided by the Danube equals magnificence

Quite near from Vienna, we reach Budapest. Still following the Danube, we get to Hungary, in Central Europe. Actually, this wonderful city is divided into two parts by this long river. On the west side we have Buda, which fascinating and mavelous. And on the east side of the Danube we have Pest, which is even more active. In both sides, though, the Hungarian cuisine will delight us with its most famous meal: goulash. However, this plates evolves as time goes by, and we can talk now about fusion cuisine, so we can taste goulash mixed up with foreign flavors, especially from Asian or even from Italy. It is certainly a great opportunity to have fun, taste new flavors, and see new colors.

Truth prevails, Czech flavor prevails

A little towards the Northwest side of our previous destination, we will reach Prague. Here there is also a dividing river. This time we are talking about splendid Vltava, the longest river in Czech Republic, over which we can rediscover this tremendous country that is full of history, colors, and wonderful cuisine flavors. Actually, the cuisine in Czech Republic is highly influenced by other nation’s cuisines such as the Italian, the German, and even the French. But Czech prevails over them, so do not discourage about it.

Amsterdam’s 165 canals will miss us

Image courtesy of Carlos M. M. at

Image courtesy of Carlos M. M. at

After passing through more known destinations such as Berlin and Copenhagen, we finally arrive in Amsterdam. Here, we will navigate over the Amstel and its more than 160 canals to discover magic spots all over it. Since we have been a little gross to our vegetarian and vegan friends, we receive them here with lots of healthy options for the main course. However, don’t forget that here cheese is the boss of the table. Thus, we will either stop our journey or keep cruising to Belgium and France.

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