Why Is Time To Enjoy The Beautiful Vail Valley Colorado


Colorado is the eighth biggest and the highest state of the United States of America, with 54 peaks located above than 14,000 feet. This makes it the perfect destination for skiing it’s rocky mountains and to see wonderful towns full of life like is the case with Vail Valley.

Image courtesy of Snow Snow at Flickr.com

Image courtesy of Snow Snow at Flickr.com

Vail is a town located in the Midwest of Colorado, just a short drive from Denver, Colorado. The town is known for having the biggest ski season in North America due to its cold weather and the perfect powdery snow for the sport. Tourism is a big deal in Vail, so the town’s infrastructure is just right for a large influx of visitors, providing everyone with comfort and many choices so they can enjoy their stay. The streets and architecture, in general, gives you the feeling that you have stepped back in time and are walking along a beautiful European town of old. These and many other reasons are why visitors keep coming every year, to enjoy the town’s hospitality and the many choices to pass the time that it offers.

Summer attractions

When the snow melts, people trade their ski equipment for bicycles and snowboards for rafting and the weather gets hotter and the swimming suits make a comeback. Summer is the time to enjoy Vail in a whole different way and have the opportunity to visit points of interest with a familiar and welcoming atmosphere.

Eagle’s Nest

For those who enjoy nature, this is the perfect destination to visit. No matter where you look, you will see all different kinds of trees, large mountains, and sights that had made this natural reserve so popular. There is a narrow trail that crosses Eagle’s Nest from east to west, which is not difficult to walk, so anyone in the family can enjoy the fresh air and be being very close to nature.

If you venture into the wooded areas, you will find streams of crystal clear water and different species of native animals like moose, birds, rabbits, fish and much more wildlife. You can visit Eagle’s Nest all year round and find different things to do, but the best months to go are between June and September.


This is a very popular sport people practice all around Vail in its many rivers. This activity is perfect to enjoy with friends and family of all ages and skill levels. There are many places that will provide you with all of the necessary equipment to get you in the water, but there are some areas where you would need to bring your own gear or rent it nearby. Every year, hundreds of enthusiasts come to Vail to test their courage at some of the fastest and most dangerous waters in the world of rafting.

Eagle Bahn Gondola

Another great attracting to see some of the most beautiful views in Colorado. From the heights above you can see all the landscape that surrounds the town and witness an amazing sunset.

This is a perfect spot to capture some incredible snapshots.

Image courtesy of Jason Rogers at Flickr.com

Image courtesy of Jason Rogers at Flickr.com

Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

This park located in Glenwood Springs County, offers the public many attractions for the whole family like cave tours, mechanical attractions and even some lessons in history. The Iron Mountain Tramway is a big favorite for those who want to see the whole park from above. The Cliffhanger Roller Coaster is an adrenaline-filled ride for those looking for something more extreme while The Alpine Coaster offers an experience unlike any other, where you can control the speed of your ride and you come sliding down 3,400 feet to a gentle stop.

Winter Attractions

With more than 2.145 acres of land and 193 ski courses, it is no surprise that thousands of people flock Vail during the winters looking for the perfect snow for skiing and snowboarding. Fields that used to be used for military training are now home to the most daring enthusiasts of winter sports.

Adventure Ridge

Located at the top of the Eagle Bahn Gondola out of Lionshead, Adventure Ridge at Vail has fun activities for all ages. The place is perfect for the whole family and not just those experienced in skiing and snowboarding. There are tubes for children to slide down the hill, snowshoes for those who want to go on a hike and even guided tours to see the surrounding areas.

Streamside at Vail

With the majestic Rockies as a backdrop and a summer climate perfect for mountain biking, fishing, golf, and hiking, few places can offer the limitless variety and scenery of the Vail and Beaver Creek resort areas.

The Streamside is one of our Royal Holiday partner hotels located right at Vail and offering some of the most comfortable and well-located lodging in the area. If you are planning on visiting this season, don’t hesitate to come and feel right at home.

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