3 Beautiful Places To See In Africa


Africa is one of those places with a magic seems to be there only for those who adventure to see it. It feels like a well-kept secret amongst those who have decided to take the plunge and let the old continent capture them with its immense beauty. One Africa’s biggest advantage is how little we know of it, how unexplored it lays still. Here at Royal Holiday Destinations, we want to show you three places in Africa you must see, in order to truly appreciate everything this amazing place has to offer.


Image courtesy of Elvin at Flickr.com

Image courtesy of Elvin at Flickr.com

Some rightly call it the gateway to Africa and that is an accurate statement to say the least. Few places in the world are as diverse and enchanting as Morocco can be. Full of welcoming locals and rich ancient history, Morocco is a place for romance, a land of beauty and a country of deep-rooted traditions. If you like shopping in the way that it has been done for hundreds of years, you can visit one of the many local markets and amaze at the wares you can find. The walled medinas are places where you can witness the birth of civilizations and walk streets that have seen the passing of time. The food is another reason people keep coming back; the cuisine of Morocco has influenced so many others, that you will be surprised by how familiar, yet alluring these dishes can be. If you like the outdoors, seeing breath-taking landscapes and finding a place where the desert and the sea meet, Morocco is right for you.

Sheraton Casablanca

The Sheraton Casablanca is located right in the heart of the city and very close to the old Medina Quarter and many other great shops, temples and cultural destinations of the great city of Casablanca. The hotel has all the amenities you would expect from luxury accommodations without having to sacrifice being near all the historic sites and places of interests you do not want to miss.

South Africa

This is Africa. This is the magical land of safaris, beautiful animals and the savannah that goes as far as the eye can see. Do not be mistaken in thinking that South Africa is just lions and giraffes, there is another type of wild life going on during the evenings at Cape Town, a city of refined beauty and elegance.

What is so amazing about South Africa is that it seems to have it all, it doesn’t matter if you are traveling on your honeymoon or if you bring the entire family together, there is something for everyone.

The national parks are natural reserves that house some of the most beautiful and important animal and plant species in the world and being able to witness that first hand, is an experience that you cannot live anywhere else. Cape Town is a beautiful city to visit and it has nothing to envy from any glamorous European city. Visit the shops, restaurants, and even great breweries that seem to be becoming very popular lately.

Mount Amanzi

This amazing award-winning resort is located right in the middle of the Africa we have all learned to love from afar and wish to see one day. Nearby you will find many great opportunities to go on safaris and experience close encounters with the unique and iconic African Wildlife. The place is an oasis of luxury and comfort in the middle of the wild heart of the continent.


Image courtesy of Dennis Jarvis at Flickr.com

Image courtesy of Dennis Jarvis at Flickr.com

Egypt is home to some of the most amazing remnants of ancient civilization. Being here is like traveling to the past and witnessing history unfold right before your eyes. The Great Pyramids are just one of the many wonders you can visit when you are in Egypt; you can also see temples, ancient libraries, and monuments that have stood the test of time and still stand proudly.

The Nile offers a great opportunity to sightsee many beautiful places of Egypt and you can do it in style traveling in one of the cruises that have made this river activity so popular.

Perhaps, Egypt’s most beautiful treasure is probably its people. This is a land of warm and welcoming locals who still appreciate the beauty of a real conversation and will probably as curious about you and you will be about them. This is land unlike any other and you will never forget your visit here.

Sonesta Cairo

Located a short drive away from Egypt’s most iconic destination, The Great Pyramids. This 5-star hotel has everything you want, need and more! The rooms are to die for, but if you are able to get away and leave behind your private paradise, you will be greeted by a vibrant city filled with history, culture, and flavor. Shops, restaurants, museums and more, await for you, so make the Sonesta Cairo your home for your time here.

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