Ten Reasons to Love Cancun All Over Again.

Cancun, México.

Cancun, Cancun, Cancun

Probably no one talks about it as much as we do.

For some people it still conjures visions of paradise, and for others, it’s “Over-development,” “spring break” and too many people – how not to do a mega-resort location.

Cancun, México.

Cancun, México.

NEWSFLASH: Cancun has changed.

And, it’s changed a lot. Spring break is now but two weeks in March and only at a very few, very cut-rate resorts. The kinds of that Royal Holiday guests only vaguely remember, perhaps, from long lost university days.

In 2011, 3.6 million people visited Cancun and the Riviera Maya. It’s a big area. But come back in high season, and see what it’s about.

There are nightclubs that get crowded, and occupancy rates that max out, but visitors are continually surprised.
Here are ten more surprises you might bear in mind if you’re wondering where to go.

1 The Cancun beach is among the whitest in the world,

largely made up of crushed and very old limestone and some coral. It breaks down into smaller particles than you’ll find on most beaches. Because it is so white, it reflects most of the heat of the sun. It’s actually usually more comfortable to walk on.

2 With more than 200 days of full sun,

that not-so-hot sand is something to consider. In an average year there are 20 days with rainfall over 1 inch, most of them between August and October. The rainy season is technically between May and October but most days until August will see but light, refreshing showers.

3. The world famous hotel zone is shaped like a “7”

…and it’s technically an island connected to the mainland by a couple of strategically placed bridges. The upper arm, shielded by Isla Mujeres is a bit calmer and the city of Cancun is at the point where the top of the 7 touches land again.  Both the Park Royal Cancun and the Grand Park Royal Cancun Caribe are located about half way down the longer south stretch of the 7.

4. Speaking of the city, there’s Mercado 28.

For lots of tourists, it’s their very first Mexican public market. Noisy, colorful and brimming with bargains – there’s absolutely everything you might want and a lot more just to draw your eye. City buses are air-conditioned and leave from in front of both resorts. Just hop off when the bus turns off of the peninsula.

5. Plaza la Isla

OK, We’re not done with the shopping, yet. 60,000 square meters of prime retail space and 162 shops! It’s all in just the other direction from the Park Royal Cancun, or the Grand.

Easily the most visited mall in Cancun’s famous hotel district, La Isla features plenty of brands you’ll recognize, plus a multiplex movie theater and some of the area’s best restaurants. The mall boasts lots of entertainment including an Interactive Aquarium, a fountain show – right in front of the lagoon – and you can even take a boat ride right inside shopping complex. There’s a Royal Holiday booth, too where we’ll be happy to say hello, and we’ll be happy to help you out with anything else you might need to make this the vacation to remember.

6. Cancun International Airport

It’s big, modern, clean, safe and efficient. It’s the second busiest airport in Mexico and a good 800,000 passengers pass through every month. It’s also but five hours – max – from almost every point in North America (and from the top of South America, too). The drive to either of the Park Royals takes but 20 to 30 anxious minutes.

7. Food.

There are literally hundreds of restaurants all competing for your attention and your appetite. Nearly all of them will have kitchen staff out front to tempt you with a taste or two. Some of the best are vying with complex, traditional Maya and Yucatecan fare that simply can’t be duplicated anywhere else in the world.

8. Cancun Golf

Just imagine. All these courses are with in 2 hours of the Cancun Hotel Zone. There’s no blazing in the sun either. Almost the entire peninsula is caressed by breezes off the sea.

  •  Playa Mujeres Golf Club
  • Cancun Golf Club at Pok Ta Pok
  • Cozumel Country Club
  • El Camaleon Mayakoba
  • Hilton Cancun Golf & Spa Resort
  • Iberostar Playa Paraiso Golf Club
  • El Manglar Golf Course
  • Moon Spa & Golf Club
  • Playacar Spa & Golf Club
  • Puerto Cancun
  • TPC Cancun
  • Riviera Cancun Golf & Resorts
  • Riviera Maya Golf Club

9. Archaeology.

Again, Cancun is not the spring break party-till-you-drop destination that some of you remember. Some of the oldest, biggest and most impressive ruins in the Americas are right here. Some are 2,000 years old. Chichen Itza and Tulum are just among the most impressive. But there are ruins right on the grounds of the Park Royal Cancun. It’s not only a chance to learn something, and remember it forever, it’s a culture vacation as important as many European capitals.

10. Kids may love Cancun even more than adults.

All-Inclusive means it’s easy to bring them along, but there are literally dozens of things to do with young people. There’s everything from the Interactive Aquarium to the Xcaret and Xel Ha parks, to cruises, outings and adventures. Even right on the grounds of the Park Royal Cancun or the Grand Park Royal Cancun Caribe there are always plenty of enthusiastic activities directors, baby sitters and organized games and sing-alongs.

There are also numerous specials and discounts almost all year round, simply because Cancun is such a big favorite with Royal Holiday travelers. Give membership services a call today.

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