All-Inclusive Resorts as part of A Bigger Vacation Picture


You can visit almost any swamp or jungle if the reward is waiting for you in the end.

All-Inclusive Resorts can be a Book End to your More Adventurous Traveling. They may even be the perfect solution

The All-Inclusive vacation will, occasionally, leave some travelers feeling restless.

But those who have traveled even a little bit know that it’s not always the relaxing experience you’d hoped for.

Let’s imagine these scenarios in or alongside or very near to your vacation paradise.

1)   You have 8 days to explore Yucatan with your teenage kids but your spouse’s parents want to come too.

Imagine how thrilled your parents will be when you book them into the Park Royal Cancun for 8 days, and then join them for just the last 4 days, after your own 4 days exploring the Pyramids and Cenotes further into the peninsula. They get an extensive chance to relax and settle in, and you can enjoy an adventurous, in-depth look at the best ruins in the Americas and follow it all up with a chance to relax and enjoy yourselves. Too generous? Book them in for 6 days and join them for the last 4.

Hualtulco makes a Oaxacan Vacation complete

Huatulco is the Crowning End to the a Oaxaca Vacation

2)  You’re curious about Oaxaca, but you’ve only got six days, and your spouse really wants some rest, too.

Oaxaca is rustic, ancient, mountainous and has more culture per square meter than a lot of countries. But the roads do tend to wind around crazy mountains and seeing just a small part of it will take some effort. Of course, it’s worth it.

The perfect solution is to fly into Oaxaca City, spend 2 -3 days roughing it and exploring at your own pace. Then catch an ADO bus to Huatulco, it takes about 8-9 hours, and costs about US$30. We’ll have a room waiting for you. Spend another 3-4 days and we’ll have you pampered, relaxed in the ultra comfortable bedding you love and you’ll be enjoying fantastic sunsets every night.






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