How are the Royal Holiday travel destinations selected?


Royal Holiday travel destinations need to meet a bunch of criteria to be included in the Royal Holiday collection.

Number one, each of them must be suitable for not just a vacation, but for the annual vacation of thousands of traveling Royal Holiday members. Many members will return each and every year especially once they’ve decided on a true favorite location.

Royal Holiday locations are chosen to be your very favorite place to visit, not just this year, but for many years to come. That’s quite a big difference from being a place you’d like to visit perhaps for a week or ten days, and perhaps just once in your life time.  Some destinations really are a bit too far or too exotic to really serve as an annual get away.

Decisions are based on the quality of the facilities and the service offered, overall demand for the location including expressed demand from current members, and on our ability to reach an agreement that truly benefits the entire Royal Holiday membership.

The club has a responsibility to all of the members based not only on their expressed intent to travel, but also on their home locations, travel history and preferences and on their current budgets, lifestyles and travel needs.

Importantly though, the club has also learned to listen to what traveling members want and where they’re likely to go. Every instance of a suggested location, intended vacation spot or even an idea for a trip is recorded and these are compiled every week for quarterly review by the Club directors.

Remember too. Certain countries and local markets will – or will not – provide accommodations suitable for Royal Holiday members. In North America, few resort destination will provide for affordable full service resorts. In these locations, condominium resorts make up a big part of Royal Holiday’s available accommodations. On the contrary, in Europe, there are sea side resorts along the south coasts of Spain, Portugal and the Canary Islands. But Capital Cities are just as popular and increasingly, Royal Holiday travelers visit apartment style condo-hotels in cities like London, Madrid, Rome and Paris.

If you’re interested in a location not yet listed on the Royal Holiday website, please let your Membership Services representative know. Every mention puts your dream destination one step closer to being listed.


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