Out in the World on Your Own – Solo Traveling Tips

royal holiday

royal holidayFor many people, vacations are about spending time and making memories with friends, family, and loved ones, but many others find the most joy in traveling by themselves. Anyone who has taken a family vacation can see the advantages of being on your own schedule, rather than juggling the needs of kids and grandparents, as well as the desires of everybody else in a group. Few things are as empowering as going on an adventure by yourself, and many Royal Holiday members enjoy using their points on solo vacations that give them the ability to do absolutely everything they want to do, without compromise. However, those who have not traveled alone before will likely want to plan ahead; while traveling alone can be perfectly safe and fun, it’s best to be well prepared for the experience.

First, avoid broadcasting your travel plans, both before and during the trip. As a solo traveler, revealing that you’re on your own could be dangerous if you meet the wrong stranger. Plan to keep family members or friends updated on your status, and check in regularly to let them know where you are and where you’re planning to go next. Consider putting off more adventurous activities until you have a partner with you, and avoid cutting yourself off from your surroundings by burying your nose in a guidebook or listening to music on your headphones at high volume. Most importantly, strive to blend in: wear culturally appropriate clothing, walk and speak confidently, and research the customs of the country you’re visiting before leaving home.

Ironically, traveling alone can be the best way to meet people while on vacation, and numerous services are designed to help solo travelers meet and connect. Consider seeking out singles activities at your destination, especially since it’s the best way to avoid “single supplements,” the extra charges tacked on to tours and other activities when the operator loses money serving one person instead of two.

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