Tequila Time

Los Abolengos, a Grand Class Casona Hotel of just 20 guestrooms.

Mexico’s Tequila Region is famous the world over, for the sweet spirited taste that gives the region its name, and for the romantic, high desert elegance open to visitors from the world over. Tequila is not just a drink, it’s a charming town at the heart of the Tequila Region. At just about one hour’s drive from the Guadalajara airport, it’s super-easy to get there, and it’s something you’ll never forget.

The larger region is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. The town of Tequila is part of the “Pueblos Magicos” program under the Mexican Department of Tourism, which recognizes outstanding small towns for visitors. Tequila is there amongst better-known rival-town like San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato and San Cristobal de las Casas. And for good reason.

Royal Holiday travelers are booking Los Abolengos, a Grand Class Casona Hotel of just 20 guestrooms. There is a swimming pool, hydro-massage pool, and a spa with steam and sauna. The  restaurant and lounge are renowned in the area and the terraces and gardens host frequent events. Though there is a business center too, at least some of that business centers on the magnificent spirits which are touted, exhibited, sipped and sold.

Visitors take to Tequila as they would to the wine regions of France, Northern California or Italy. Agave fields are everywhere, and most guests will visit more than one distillery for a taste, and some history and, as always, for the incredible natural scenery. The archaeological site of Guachimontones is flanked by an abundance of museums, churches and a few excellent golf courses.

Far more familiar Puerto Vallarta is some 3.5 hours to the west though a drive, mostly through the neighboring state of Nayarit could be compelling.

Undoubtedly more relaxing is a long stretch in the Hacienda style grounds and facilities at your holiday house. Abolengos is luxurious, some times over the top, and always exquisitely beautiful. The town of Tequila charms the socks off of even jaded vacation travelers, and in the end, a Royal Holiday in Tequila is not only richly rewarded, but often unlike anything you’ve experienced in living memory. Talk to Member Services about your next holiday.

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