Best Attractions to Visit when Travelling to St. Hippolyte


Best Attractions to Visit when Travelling to St. Hippolyte

When it is time to get away from all of the stress, why not head into the hills and mountains of Quebec, to the city of St. Hippolyte. The city, which is located in La Riviere Du Nord Regional County is the ideal getaway for those who want peace and quiet. It is about 45 km to the north of the metro area of Montreal, making it a rather short drive for anyone in the city who wants an opportunity to get away. Located in Quebec, it is also near numerous activities and attractions. Those visiting the area are sure to find something that fits their unique needs and relaxation goals.

A Bit of Information

Before you can find and pick the things you hope to do in St. Hippolyte, it helps to know a bit more about this small town. It is a stunning place to be visually with the mountains surrounding you at every turn. And, you’ll find old world style architecture throughout the location. It’s name comes from a Roman theologian from the third century, which should give you some idea of the once very religious location this used to be. Today, it offers more for those who are young and old, including a wide range of modern amenities combined with a charming outdoor experience.

What Can You Do in St. Hippolyte?

Here are the top attractions and things to do throughout this beautiful Canadian town. Which will you do first?

Mont Saint Sauver: One of the biggest tourism draws to the area is this ski resort. This is a ski and snowboarding location tucked into the mountains. The location is well cared for and ideal for both beginners and advanced skiers. The area has a long ski season, which means you can still plan the early spring getaway, perfect for families, and enjoy the slopes here.

Au Pays Des Merveilles: This French term means “The Wonderland” and that’s exactly what you can expect to find here. This is a family friendly theme park that has an Alice in Wonderland theme to it. There are park rides of all sorts, mini golf, and water fun.

Aventures Plein Air: One of the most coveted of all activities in St. Hippolyte is this one. This location gives you access to a wide range of fun activities in the area. You can come here during the summer or winter for any type of outdoor activity you are hoping to be a part of. This includes dog sledding, ice fishing, snowmobiling, water skiing, canoeing and much more. You can book a tour or have the wilderness to yourself.

Rafting Nouveau Monde: Translated from French, this location’s name is “New World Rafting.” Those who have some skill will find this whitewater rafting trip to be the perfect way to spend some time. You’ll be able to hit some amazing rock formations. However, there is much more to this park than just rafting and kayaking. You can also spend some time playing paintball or swimming.

Spa Morency: Perhaps all of that outdoor play time has got you worn out. If that is the case, Spa Morency is the ideal choice. This is an incredibly relaxing location with Swedish massages, whirlpools and dry saunas to enjoy. You’ll be overlooking the peaceful waters of Lac Morency when you visit. It’s perfect for a romantic getaway, too.

Club de Golf Piedmont: Golfing is plenty of fun when you choose to enjoy it here. Piedmont is a short drive away from the heart of St. Hippolyte, but it is about half way to Montreal and Tremblant. This is a par 72 course in a wooded area.

Musee d’Art Contemporain des Laurentides: For a bit of culture, visit the contemporary art museum located nearby. in Saint Jerome. It offers a wide selection of art types with many pieces created by local artisans.

What Else Can You Do?

St. Hippolyte, Quebec. Image courtesy <a href="">Artur Staszewski</a> on <a href="</a>Flickr</a>

St. Hippolyte, Quebec. Image courtesy Artur Staszewski on Flickr

When you visit St. Hippolyte, you’ll find much more to do than just spend time outdoors. Take a local ATV tour of the area. You can also spend some time at any of the local restaurants and fine dining establishments. Spend some time at the bars and other nightlife locations when you visit. You can dance and mingle with locals. Shopping is also an opportunity. You’ll find several large shopping areas both in the city and in the surrounding area. This includes locations such as Boutique Underground, Garage Le Boutique, Historia, Carrefour du Nord, and Galerie d’Art Le Castelet.

With so much to do and see in St. Hippolyte, there is no reason to put off a trip here. You can find the accommodations and attraction information you need for your trip at Royal Holiday. Now is the perfect time to visit, no matter if it is in the middle of winter or a beautiful, summer weekend.


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