Top 5 iconic streets in the world to walk on


There is nothing like walking on a nice street where everything is new for you, where you feel the street and all the things, the people, the music and the places around it are alive, and where you feel every step you take, will bring you a new experience or something new to be amazed with. That is actually what traveling is all about, exploring new places and receiving all the energy that those places have to give. Once you get to a new destination the most exciting part is getting to know the nature of the place. That nature is generated mostly by all the details the local people take care of in order to make their territory attractive for the same locals and for visitors. There are many places around the world that have become iconic and famous for what their nature expresses and the power they have to gather people in a nice, happy, comfortable and exciting ambience. Travelers, explorers or so-called “tourists” have their top 5 of iconic streets around the worlds that should be visited at least once, because their energy and is so particularly unique that only walking on it will awaken more than one sense. These iconic streets are and have been the center of “where things happen” in the cities they are located and they should definitely not be missed if you ever decide taking a trip to these cities.

Las Ramblas, Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona itself is a happy city, but when you get to Las Ramblas, you will see happiness is all around. You won’t know where to stop because everything and everyone is so colorful and friendly you will want to get in the same mood instantly. The great variety of eateries, restaurants, shops, markets, and cultural day and night activities will make the 1.5 kilometers of this street, one of your favorite places in the city of Barcelona.

Las Vegas Boulevard – The Strip, Las Vegas Nevada, US

The Strip is a real tour around the world, except that you don’t have to take a plane, because you will be able to do it all by just walking. This iconic Main Street and boulevard gives you the possibility to travel around the world just by walking block to block. The various amounts of hotels and Casinos, inspired by the most amazing cities and enormous cultural places of the worlds, will make your imagination go wild. Paris, New York and Egypt are some of the places you will be able to see while you are walking on The Strip. Fountains, lights and towers are just some of the things that will keep you all night awake in Las Vegas. Luckily the Strip is so pedestrian friendly and walks are very wide, which makes it more inviting, even though it is always so crowded.

Image courtesy of VanessaC (EY) at

Image courtesy of VanessaC (EY) at

Champs Elysees, Paris, France

This street is always so romantic. The idea of walking on a street, surrounded by beautiful, huge trees, multiple shops, restaurants, cafes, all types of business and designer brands, and then finally ending with the precious Arc de Triomph, that was already in the scene from more than 3 kilometers away, is just the perfect way to spend an afternoon in the gorgeous Paris. The Champs Elysees has a tremendous amount of traffic and pedestrians that gather people from all over the world. You will easily listen to conversations in more than 3 languages, just by walking a few steps and you will of course enjoy one of Paris´ most loved locations by visitors and locals.

Image courtesy of Jonathan at

Image courtesy of Jonathan at

Lincoln Road, Miami, USA

When you think about Miami, you immediately get the picture in your head of sun, light clothes, the beach, party and a lot of fun. Lincoln Road is a completely pedestrian road located in Miami Beach that brings all of these things together, especially the fun part. Numerous restaurants and famous brands shops, boutiques, galleries and street artists have chosen Lincoln Road to be their home. The combination of entertainment, shopping and great food is exactly why this street is so attractive and so visited by anyone visits Miami.

Avenida de Mayo, Buenos Aires Argentina

Buenos Aires is such an enchanting city. Not only because of its people, but because the entire city is an architectural spectacle. This happens especially on the Avenida de Mayo, which is the central avenue in Buenos Aires. It connects the city’s two main government buildings: the Casa Rosada, and the National Congress with the Plaza Congreso, located on the Plaza de Mayo. Avenida de Mayo is a very crowded and busy street. All sorts of people can be found there just walking, shopping, working or just drinking coffee while they enjoy the aliveness of the street. The truth about it is that it is a fantastic street to walk on and to spend some time on.

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