Café Tacuba restaurant: 5 reasons to visit it

café tacuba restaurat

Located in the heart of Mexico City, Café Tacuba restaurant is an iconic site of the country’s capital visited by millions of families, as well as local and foreign prominent figures, where all of them speak the same language: the one of the food.

Founded in 1912, the place is characterized by the taste of its dishes that keep a homely touch when prepared in the traditional way, as if they were tried out at grandmother’s kitchen. The perfect complement to those aromas is the warmth of the service, which really makes the guests feel like they were in family.

Centuries ago, the property where it is located now, used to be a large house, so there are many legends, one of them even refers to the appearance of “the nun Clarisa”, an alleged ghost! It is said that the back of the place was an asylum for dementia women during the colonial period, known as Hospital de la Canoa, so people assure there is an shadow of a nun who wanders by the lounge.

Guests are thrilled by the tamales, pozole and a variety of typical dishes.

café tacuba restaurant
Local and foreign prominent figures, where all of them speak the same language: the one of the food

Café Tacuba restaurant, a must-go site in Mexico City

It is a must-visit in the tours of the Mexican capital, considered as one of the best travel destinations in 2019. Here you will find 5 reasons to visit it:

1. The food. You can taste from beef tongue Vizcaine style or with vinegar dressing, to a traditional pozole. They are also famous their Chalupas Poblana, Tacuba Panuchos or Cochinita Pibil style, and the Fried Machitos.

2. Art. On its walls you can appreciate an invaluable collection of tiles, stained glass and original paintings, such as the painting “The girl in a red suit”, by the painter José de la Borda. There are also two oil paintings that recreate the discoveries of mole and chocolate, both classic ingredients of Mexican cuisine.

3. Music. Every day there is live music to set the atmosphere of the place. Sometimes, there is a Student band that play classical songs. There are people who definitely prefer the place because of the music.

4. History. In over 100 years, curious stories are part of the tradition of this place. In the 1930s, the assassination of a politician was committed. There took place the wedding of the painter Diego Rivera with the novelist Guadalupe Marín. The Hollywood film based on the novel “Los Hijos de Sánchez” was filmed there, since Oscar Lewis, the writer, was inspired by a waiter of the restaurant to narrate the story.

5. Location. As it is located in the Historic Center of the city, you can also visit other very tourist sites, such as the Palace of the Fine Arts, which houses murals of Siqueiros, José Clemente Orozco and Diego Rivera. There is also the Mexico post office, a building with impressive architecture, and a few steps away is the Zócalo Main Square and The Templo Mayor Museum.

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