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If you are wondering? Where do Mexicans usually travel to? Then you probably already live in this beautiful country and are looking for a new place to visit. Whether you are planning a family trip, a friend’s trip, or a romantic getaway, here, you will learn about some destinations in Mexico you just can’t miss.

Mexico offers an extraordinary variety of destinations with breathtaking views. According to the most experienced travelers, having a magical trip in Mexico also comes with connecting with locals and being open to new experiences.

Here, culture and fun go hand in hand. Explore the archaeological ruins and get to know more about the indigenous cultures in Mexico including the Mayan and Olmec cultures and see how their history stands tall and stays alive. Now, to this unique experience, add the incredible food, adventure, and of course the parties.

The weather in Mexico is perfect. You can enjoy sunny days on the beach while you cool off in the ocean or by the pool and explore the Mexican Caribbean or the Pacific. Visit the wonderful ecosystems of these destinations and connect with nature on land, and of course, underwater. The Flora and fauna of this country are like no other, and taking a break surrounded by nature will give you the energy you need to go back to your daily life.




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Visit the wonders of the Mexican Caribbean: Cancun. This destination is a white beach, blue crystalline waters paradise. Enjoy a nice walk on the beach and then party all night. You’ll have all you might want in these destinations.

Coming to Cancun also offers staying in one of our resorts. Whether you want to stay in the exclusivity and luxury of Grand Park Royal Cancun; the comfort and private setting of Villas Cancun; or the wide and beautiful rooms of Park Royal Beach Cancun, our hotels will provide a great experience for the whole family. Look at our options and decide which one will fit your wants and needs the best.

Regardless of the hotel you choose, visiting the Mexican Caribbean, exploring the Mayan ruins, and enjoying the sun and comfort with first-class services is an experience you can’t miss.




Another great destination in Mexico is waiting for you in the Pacific. The great extension of this coast covered with the beautiful Pacific Ocean covers the southwest of Mexico. Royal Holiday offers great resort options for you in the Pacific. The wide resort Park Royal offering allows you to visit Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco, Huatulco, Ixtapa, and Mazatlan while using your membership. Each and every one of these destinations will have amazing adventures and opportunities for every type of tourist.

If your ideal trip involves partying, the luxury and location of Grand Park Royal Puerto Vallarta will allow you to be close to the nightlife of your dreams. If you are looking for a calmer vacation where you can enjoy the sunset while you relax, Park Royal Beach Mazatlan will be the perfect choice for you; enjoy its infinity pool and admire the beautiful waves and breeze of the ocean. Mexico has the most magical and breathtaking destinations, and with Royal Holiday, you’ll be able to explore all of them.

Come join us in this adventure.
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