Week-Long Vacations Under 7,000 Holiday Credits

Club Olympus Tenerife

Club Olympus Tenerife – Seven Nights off the Coast of Spain for 6,000 Holiday Credits

Week-Long Vacations Under 7,000 Holiday Credits. We love budget travel too.

Royal Holiday is usually thought of as a club for high rollers. With the right membership you can live the high life in all kinds of places, with no regrets, nothing extra to pay and some of the world’s most beloved places.

But what happens when you’ve got 7,000 Holiday Credits left over and you’re not going to be able to roll them over to next year?

What happens when you’ve only got 7,000 Holiday Credits to begin with? 

It’s not a lot to work with, but there are literally dozens of places where you can easily spend 3 or 4 days on a super vacation for under 7,000 Holiday Credits. They might not be your fist choice of destination or of season. But every year, Royal Holiday travelers live it up in every one of these locations.

A Bronze or Bronze+ membership cost – in 2011 or 2012 – either $380 or $455 annually, respectively. That’s all you need to pay for any of the hotels in the list below – to spend no less than SEVEN full days.

Now, in no particular order… Eight places in seven countries where you can spend a week, for less than 7,000 Holiday Credits.


Argentina is about nine hours fly-time from Miami, so it’s not the kind of place you go for the weekend. But seven nights is a trip. It’s the kind of experience you’ll want to tell your friends about and there’s a lot to see and do.

1) Super Resort Mar del Plata – Mar del Plata

argentina vacation

“Sorry. We’re going to be in Argentina all that week.”

Imagine 7 nights in Argentina – with 3 friends for nothing more than airfare and your annual fee.

An Ambassador Suite in Mar del Plata comes in – low season 10 months each year –  at a rock bottom 5,000 Holiday Credits.  The biggest seaside resort in Argentina, it’s a thriving city of 600,000, some 250 miles south of Buenos Aires. March and July are both high season, but this is a superb vacation spot for the adventurous and those hoping to explore the quieter side of Argentina. Oh, and there’s a tax of US$5 per day.

Want to get a little crazier ?

No one you’ve ever met has even heard of this one. Super Resort Bariloche Centro

2) Super Resort Bariloche Centro – No one you have ever met has ever been here.

Get off your butt and book this one.

San Carlos de Bariloche is a fantastic little ski town in the mountains near the Chilean border. Fantastic history and architecture, there’s plenty of mountains, forests and ski-slopes to explore. High season includes part of July, August, January February and the holidays, but the rest of the year you can live it up – 7 days – for just 5,000 Holiday Credits.


Ok, let’s talk a lot closer. Seven days and less than 7,000 Holiday Credits should get you somewhere a lot closer to home. How about a quick flight to Montreal?

Auberge du Lac Morency

Auberge du Lac Morency – Spa, Winery, Retreat and less than an hour from the Montreal Airport.

3) Club Geo Premiere at Auberge du Lac Morency – This is one of the family spots that is least appreciated in the Royal Holiday collection. Perfect for a family of four, a low season trip in June or September will you set you back a mere 6,600 Holiday Credits. High season, the rest of the year except “Prime” holidays, it’s but an additional 2,300 Holiday Credits.

There’s everything to do, and a rental car from the Montreal airport gets you and your family there in less than an hour.


Villa Bejar & Spa Tequesquitengo

On the Water in Tequesquitengo, you better believe this is a Holiday worth celebrating. Oh, and it’s 5,001 Holiday Credits for seven nights.

Let’s talk straight here. Mexico is not just beaches and dolphins. Sophisticated travelers like yourself already know all of this. Now imagine a flight into Mexico City – and then a quick executive service bus trip – about an hour to either location – direct from the airport.

The Villa Bejar Resorts both cater largely to Mexico City’s burgeoning upper and middle classes. Both resorts are set in the idyllic, dramatic and sometimes otherworldly state of Morelos which has been famous with world travelers, literally, for the entirety of the 20th century.

Some Spanish is going to be helpful, but an open mind and a phrase book is sufficient in either location, and anyway, Mexican people are friendly and open to helping you out.

4) Villa Bejar Cuernavaca Cuernavaca is a small, exclusive, historical and world famous city. Once a community of luxury weekend homes, today it’s stuffed with mansions, parks and museums. Trips to the country side and surrounding pueblitos are rewarded with dramatic landscapes and stunning vistas. And a studio in the year round high season – big enough for four – sets you back a mere 5,001 Holiday Credits for the seven-night week.

5) Villa Bejar & Spa Tequesquitengo on Lake Tequesquitengo.  The “lake vacation” is vastly underrated as vacations. This is a seven-night stay on the edge of a dramatic lake, at fantastic central Mexico prices. The resort has loads of luxuries and makes a stunning get-away that’s affordable, fun and exceptional. 5,001 Holiday Credits can not be better used.

Perfect for girl-time, or a second honeymoon, a 12th honeymoon, there’s nowhere else like Morelos, and no better place to kick back and relax.


Best Western Plus Orlando Gateway

6) Best Western Plus Orlando GatewayOK. For the far less adventurous, for the harried family vacation planner take our advice. Book early, (six months in advance!) because these rooms fill up fast.

This is a solid, clean and affordable hotel, very well reviewed and well located in Orlando. It’s good for your family trip, and but for holiday weekends when the price goes up, it’s still a mere 5,000 Holiday Credits for the week.

If you’re a Bronze or Bronze+ Member, you can enjoy a week here for the rest of your life, no problem, no more money down – and that’s forever. Just book early.


Pantglas Wales Condo Vacation

Pantglas Owners Club – What your London trip was supposed to look like.

7) Pantglas Owners Club – Dyfed, Wales in the UK. OK. You brought the kids to Orlando. They’re off to school again. Let’s get some real travel in. No Harry Potter. No Spiderman.

Literally, Wales looks like what half the world thinks England is supposed to look anyway. A vacation can include charming little towns, cultural festivals and castles and just what you hope for from the United Kingdom.

Seven nights at just 6,600 Holiday Credits, this one is affordable and perfect for the seriously romantic couple. About 44 miles (71 kms) from the airport in Cardiff, most flights will transfer in from London.

Canary Islands

There nothing else like it off the coast of Spain, and especially not for 6,600 Holiday Credits.

8) Club Olympus Tenerife – Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain – Only slightly more difficult to reach than Wales, the Canaries are still favorites with all of our European members. The sun and the sea are what it’s all about. The photo at the top of this page is Tenerife, but this is a crazy good bargain if you’re just paying your annual.

A Studio goes from 6,000 Holiday Credits for seven nights, and make no mistake. This is a Mediterranean style spa on a gorgeous island in the Atlantic Ocean with absolutely all the extras. Flights from Madrid, Cozumel and some other European cities will get you there in style.

Your Membership Rep has information on specials and upcoming savings that just might also let you enjoy seven nights out for less than you ever thought possible.

Just give us a call, or click the chat button now. There’s always another holiday to be celebrated.

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