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Since the beginning of time, humans have been intrigued and amazed by the beautiful lights that illuminate the night sky. We’ve studied the movement, behavior, and nature of galaxies, yet stars keep catching our eyes due to their unique beauty and the mystery behind them. Thankfully, we can enjoy these unique sources of light without the help of technology.

In the last decade, astrotourism has gained popularity among astronomy enthusiasts and people looking for outdoor experiences. This form of tourism is centered on observing the night sky and discovering its mysteries in destinations with clear skies.

Astrotourism is ideal for anyone who loves outdoor activities and admiring celestial bodies. If you are intrigued and want to experience this exciting way of traveling, here are some of the greatest destinations on the continent. Take your best blanket, favorite snacks, and don’t forget your binoculars.




The Biosphere Reserve of El Pinacate and the Gran Desierto de Altar: Due to its distance from the light pollution of the city, this beautiful natural reserve is the perfect place for astrotourism. You can visit this natural reservoir on your own or with a tour guide. According to its website, visiting this site from October to February will be a unique experience for anyone who loves admiring the wonders of the night sky.




The Comarca Minera Geopark: Peña del Aire is the perfect destination if you enjoy cool temperatures and nature. Located in the Comarca Minera Geopark, it is one of the most privileged locations for astrotourism due to its great forest and altitude, which create complete darkness that contrasts beautifully with the celestial bodies. Peña del Aire is actually in the process of getting recognition as the first international night sky park in Mexico.




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Yellowstone National Park: This wide and secluded park offers a unique opportunity to observe stars. With its low light pollution and high altitude, seeing the night sky here will be an experience you cannot miss. Don’t forget to bring a tent and camping gear, as this national park is open 24 hours for visitors, allowing you to spend the night and admire the beautiful lights in the sky. Relaxing and having a peaceful night surrounded by nature is guaranteed in Yellowstone.




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Atacama Desert: This beautiful place is known for having the clearest and cleanest skies in America. The lack of clouds and low humidity make it the perfect place to observe stars, planets, and other celestial bodies. Its altitude and lack of light pollution make it a paradise for astronomy lovers. Atacama stands out due to its multiple observatories, allowing you to explore the stars and planets in a fun and unique way.

Discovering the beautiful night sky in these fascinating destinations is only the beginning of a wonderful adventure. Visit these countries and find out all the things they have to offer. With your Royal Holiday membership, you can access multiple hotel options and experiences all around the world. Visit these destinations and have an experience that will take you over the moon!

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