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Buenos Aires, Argentina, a beautiful city that offers hundreds of tourist experiences suited for any type of traveler. Come join us on this tour through Buenos Aires and explore some of its most iconic historical neighborhoods.

In this guide, we’ll talk about some of the most popular places to visit and what you can do in each one. Of course, we will also be talking about the hidden city. Buenos Aires has a lot to offer. Use your Royal Holiday Membership and enjoy all the things this beautiful city has to offer.




Palermo Buenos aires
Palermo is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. Famous for its vibrant bohemian atmosphere, streets covered with trees, and a wide range of food options and entertainment. When visiting Palermo Soho, you cannot miss exploring its botanical garden, shops, art galleries, and coffee shops. You can also enjoy a night out in this neighborhood. It comes alive at night with different bars, nightclubs, or restaurants with live music.




Hidden city BAAnother must-visit destination in South America is Uruguay, discover it here.

Discover some of the greatest historical monuments in the world! The hidden city is much more than just a conventional touristy neighborhood. It is a unique and fascinating spot in Buenos Aires. In the Villa Lugano neighborhood, the Hidden City is an ancient emergency villa that has been transformed into a cultural & artistic center.

Visitors can admire the beautiful and colorful murals and unique sculptures. Also, the artist workshops reflect the creativity and resilience of the local community. The Hidden City offers a unique perspective of life in Buenos Aires and opens hundreds of doors to connect with the culture and urban art of the city in an authentic and meaningful manner.




Casa Rosada
In downtown Buenos Aires, you’ll be able to find the hidden gem of the San Roman Nonato Monastery. This unique historical place is found only a few feet away from the famous Plaza de Mayo and Casa Rosada. Inside, the beautiful gardens, small chapel, as well as some antique stores, restaurants, and coffee shops, will make you spend a wonderful day walking around this beautiful site.

On the other hand, in the old San Telmo neighborhood, you’ll be able to find a hidden bar in an old Jesuit convent that has kept its original structure. If you want to go in, you need to walk through a small corridor that leads you to an old Spanish-style house. In the back part of this building, you’ll find a staircase that goes to a beautiful patio surrounded by plants and with different levels. This will definitely be a unique going-out experience!





Hispanic American Art Museum

The Secret Garden of the Noel Palace is found in the Retiro neighborhood. This huge colonial mansion will be found behind a white brick wall; however, unlike the actual size of the building, you’ll have to go in through a small wooden door. Walk through the wonderful Spanish-style mansion and the beautiful gardens. The Fernandez Blanco Museum will also be a great way of learning more about the history of this wonderful city through all the beautiful artistic expressions.

We invite you to explore and discover all its wonders with your Royal Holiday Membership. Spend a couple of days visiting all these neighborhoods, get to know their history, and their beautiful modern culture, and then go back and relax in Park Royal City Buenos Aires.

Come visit the city and have unforgettable experiences. Buenos Aires has something for everyone, and we are sure you’ll find the right adventure for you. It’s time to explore Buenos Aires!

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