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Rio de Plata

This great little country shares the Rio de la Plata with Argentina, and is one of South America’s best kept secrets. It has a special charm and a diversity of landscapes that can be enjoyed all year round.

Looking for a destination that combines the serenity of the beach with the excitement of cosmopolitan life? Then Punta del Este, in Uruguay is your next destination.



Rio de Plata

Only 90 minutes away from Montevideo, Punta del Este stood out as a great destination many years ago. Here, celebrities and travelers seeking tranquility, beautiful beaches, and an exclusive atmosphere come to vacation.

Although it has an International Airport, some travelers prefer crossing Rio de la Plata from Argentina on a ship. This journey takes you to Montevideo and once you’re there you can go to Punta del Este.

This destination is geographically a peninsula, with urbanization and a modern layout. It has large avenues, large green areas, and beaches for every taste.



Rio de Plata

At this point along the Uruguayan coast, the Ri­o de la Plata has already turned into a majestic sea of deep blue, with golden sands and varied waves on its different beaches.

La Mansa is the longest beach, with the calmest waves. A bit further north, on the contrary, La Brava lives up to its name with its big waves. Just beyond, La Barra is the meeting place for young people and celebrities.

Punta Ballena and José Ignacio have their own charm and they’re very calm. On every one of these beaches, there are lodges, bars, and popular and local restaurants to enjoy the mythical night.



Rio de Plata Uruguay

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The Peninsula, or properly “La Punta del Este”, is the reference point of the urban layout, with the famous Gorlero Avenue as the protagonist.

Here you’ll find incredible cafes, bars, movie theatres, the best commerce, candy stores, and entertainment. It’s the almost obligatory stop for those who want to get to know the true character of “Punta”, with its promenade, the port, and the lighthouse.

If you’re a nature and adventure lover, Punta del Este has a lot to offer so you can disconnect at your own pace. From surfing and windsurfing to walks in the forest, there are many opportunities to explore and enjoy the outdoors.

Punta del Este is the perfect refuge to recharge your energy and rejuvenate your body and soul. Go to a spa, practice yoga by the sea, enjoy walks on the beach, or simply relax with the serenity of your surroundings.

Besides its natural beauty, Punta del Este offers a rich artistic and cultural life. Take a look at the galleries of local art, visit the iconic monuments, and discover the fascinating history of this picturesque coastal city.




With your Membership, you can stay at Golden Beach Resort & Spa, which is very close to Gorlero and Playa Brava. Its guest rooms have everything you need to be comfortable and enjoy calm days in “Punta”.

Additionally, it has its own restaurant, the famous Golden Crown with international and local dishes. Uruguay is known for its delicious cuisine, and Punta del Este is no exception.

From fresh seafood to succulent steaks, every bite is a celebration of the local flavors and the passion for great cuisine that defines this region and those who visit.

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