Top Five 2014 Holiday Destinations for European Members!


Royal Holiday members go all over the world. European members break for the beach more often than not – but there are plenty of options closer to home, too. Is there a holiday below you haven’t been to?

1. The Punta Cana Holiday
The Dominican Republic has grown up a lot. Punta Cana bears one of the freshest faces in the Caribbean and as beach destinations go, this one is tops for European travelers. Isolated, and ever-exotic, Punta Cana welcomes Royal Holiday revelers to no less than three All-Inclusive getaways, the Bavaro Princess, the Caribe Club Princess and the Punta Cana Princess. Each is unique, and offers a different Dominican holiday.

2. The Cancun Holiday
Cancun is a heavyweight champ of the vacation world and for European travelers, it’s a very competitive second. It’s not just the turquoise waters, and the acres of pristine white beach. Both the family-favorite, Park Royal Cancun, and the extravagent Grand Park Royal Cancun Caribe, welcome Royal Holiday travelers in style, with complete convenience, All-Inclusive meals, drinks and fun. And guests are literally at the center of the hemisphere’s most visited sun-spot. Cancun has grown up too, into a sophisticated and beautiful international destination for fun-seekers from all over the world.

3. The Cozumel Holiday
For diving and snorkeling alone, Cozumel is world famous. With some of the most accessible coral reefs and fantastic underwater marvels alone, it would be well attended. But the award-winning Park Royal Cozumel, invites Royal Holiday members to an All-Inclusive with spacious rooms, and the perfect beachfront party. Plus there’s a major boutique shopping mall, and exceptional views of the cruise ships coming to call. Cozumel is not just Mexican, it’s a Caribbean island too, and one visit will have you hooked.

4. The Holiday in Paris
Who can deny it?  The City of Lights is always a favorite for intrigue, heartbreak, romance, adventure and we could continue this list on and on and on. With two apartment-style condo hotels in the heart of the everything, Royal Holiday travelers take to the Latin Quarter, to the Champs Elysee and everything for which Paris is beloved. It’s the center of everything for a reason.

5. The Aruba Holiday
The desert island just keeps getting more popular. Aruba is sun-drenched. The climate is dry. And Royal Holiday-ers take to the island like kids at the candy store. The Paradise Beach Villas put up travelers in condo-style digs that leave nothing to the imagination – for a week or longer – there’s always something going on, and KLM still makes the flight as easy as getting to the south of Europe.

Of course, Royal Holiday members are heading out to all kinds of places for anything from a quick four-day break to an extended multi-week stay. There’s always something new and exciting to learn, experience and share. And every year, you can do it again!



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