Top Attractions to Visit in Veracruz


If you’re heading to Veracruz anytime soon, you’ll want to create an itinerary so you don’t miss out on the fabulous attractions there. Here are some “must sees” during your vacation time.

  1. Aquarium of Veracruz

If you like fish and marine animals, the aquarium cannot be beat. It’s an excellent place for families and children, but also great for adults. There are beautiful displays, plenty of shows, and an opportunity to swim with the dolphins. It’s an experience of a lifetime, and a wonderful way to make some additional vacation memories.

  1. Museo Historico Naval

If you enjoy naval history, this is the place to visit. You have the opportunity to check out ship rigging, see what it’s like to be the captain of an aircraft carrier, and learn how teenagers defended a school and an entire city. Children under 12 can also enjoy sitting in a helicopter. There is something for everyone to enjoy. The museum itself is a beautiful piece of architecture, and the exhibits are clean and interesting.

  1. Malecon

Malecon is a boardwalk where you can stroll and enjoy the beautiful views and all the shopping opportunities. There are also sculptures along the way to be enjoyed by young and old alike. It’s an excellent experience for both locals and tourists, with all types of things to buy. Everything from inexpensive souvenirs to handmade antiques can be found there, making it a unique adventure for everyone.

  1. Fort of San Juan de Ulua
San Juan de Ulua Source: Victor Pineda

San Juan de Ulua
Source: Victor Pineda

Going to Veracruz and staying at a place like Royal Holiday can make your vacation highly memorable. One of the reasons for that is the location is close to the Fort of San Juan de Ulua, where you will learn about the history of the fort and the local area. The fort itself is made completely from brain coral, making it a very unique structure and an excellent photo opportunity. People were jailed in the fort in the past, and visitors can learn about the previous inmates and how they were treated, along with plenty of interesting facts about older times. Anyone who enjoys learning about the history of their vacation destination can discover a lot of great information at the fort.

  1. Los Voladores of Papantla

While you’re in Veracruz, take the time to check out the ruins, and the show that comes along with them. The ruins are amazing to explore, and the shows occur about once per hour. The men in the show are highly talented, and learning about different rituals and cultures can help enhance your vacation experience. The ceremony featuring these flying men is designed to replicate an ancient tradition to appease the gods, and the acrobatic skills and abilities of the performers are fascinating to watch. It’s an excellent show for viewers of all ages.

  1. Cascada de Texolo

With a beautiful natural location, this is one place you don’t want to miss on your Veracruz vacation. The waterfall is breathtaking, and not difficult to get to. There are plenty of trails that can be used to hike around the area and see all it has to offer, once you’ve driven to a good spot to park your car. There are some amazing views to be seen, and anyone who enjoys all the beauty that nature has to offer will be able to appreciate the value of Cascada de Texolo. Local restaurants are close by, as well, for a quick bite to eat.

  1. Plaza de Las Armas

If you want to be right in the center of the action, you can’t go wrong with Plaza de Las Armas. There is always something to do there, so you won’t be missing out on any fun or any local culture. There is music and dancing there in the evenings, and everyone comes out to just enjoy themselves and spend time in the town square. It is an excellent way to get to know the locals and see what living in Veracruz is really like. Those are memories that you can take home from vacation and enjoy for a lifetime.

  1. Canonero Guanajuato
Sunset at Cañonero Guanajuato in Boca Del Rio, Veracruz

Sunset at Cañonero Guanajuato in Boca Del Rio, Veracruz Source: Carlos Arango Hernandez

This older Mexican ship is very different from what you would expect when visiting a US naval vessel, but that is a large part of its charm. It hasn’t been used for a long time, but it has been preserved for people to visit. The ship can help you understand what life was like for the Mexican military many years ago, and what they had available to them in order to defend themselves and their country. With a good guide, you and your family can have a great experience checking out the ship and learning all about Mexican military history.


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