Looking for hot air ballooning? Here are the top 7 places in the world you can’t miss


The first hot air balloon with human passengers on it took flight on November 21, 1783 in Paris, France. As the first successful human-carrying flight technology, hot air ballooning consists of a bag or balloon capable of containing hot air, called the envelope. Beneath the envelope, it has a suspended wicker basket which is where the passengers will be carried, along with the source of the heat that will be the one to fill the envelope.

Image courtesy of Moyan Brenn at Flickr.com

Image courtesy of Moyan Brenn at Flickr.com

As simple as it sounds and as old as the technology really is, hot air ballooning still causes the same curiosity and excitement to people, as it did a couple of hundred years ago. Only now it has all the possible safety measures and even though it is not a common transportation method, a few adventurers have made some unbelievable trips on hot air balloons.  In 1991 a balloon called the Pacific Flyer flew from Japan to Canada with a speed of 245 mph. Later in 1999 a balloon called the Breitling Orbiter circumnavigated the globe for 19 days, which the time it took, and landed in Egypt. In 2005 another balloon flew from Mumbai and landed 150 miles south, making a record of the highest hot air balloon flight, reaching 69,852 feet.

As you can see everything that has to do with hot air ballooning means, adventure, excitement, entertainment, beautiful and gorgeous landscapes, and of course a lot of fun. Right now, many places in the world offer hot air ballooning as one of the best ways to view and go over big famous places that may have a different perspective and appreciation when flying above it from a flying hot air balloon.

Here you will find the 7 most beautiful places to take a hot air balloon…because it’s simply worth the view. All of them are different but they all share the magic of flying above wonderful, breathtaking places.

Cappadocia, Turkey

In the central Anatolian region of Turkey lies Cappadocia. Considered as a region of natural wonders, Cappadocia is one of the ultimate places where hot air ballooning is the perfect way to enjoy the exceptional view this place has to offer. The fairy chimneys, the vineyards and the valleys will have a much better visibility from the sky, all year round.

Bagan, Myanmar

Image courtesy of Christopher Michel on Flickr.com

Image courtesy of Christopher Michel on Flickr.com

Watching the numerous Buddhist temples, pagodas, monuments and Stupas of Bagan from above can be as breathtaking as being inside one of them. The big difference is that from a hot air balloon you are able to see them all together. Ancient city is the most famous destination in Myanmar, especially from October to April which is the best time for riding a hot air balloon, there.

Yarra Valley, Australia

Yarra Valley is located about an hour from Melbourne by car. It is an important wine region in Victoria. The view you will see when hot air ballooning above this valley will consist of beautiful hills, vines, peaks, the Yarra River and if you are lucky you will be able to see hopping kangaroos from the distance. The amazing landscape is available from the sky all year round, changing only the colors, depending on the season.

Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Serengeti National Park, is one of the greatest existing wildlife parks, for being home of the largest mammal migration in the world, and one of the other reasons why it is so great is that it offers a hot air ballooning experience. Some of the free wild animals you will be able to watch from above are zebras, gazelles, leopards, lions, hippos and giraffes, among others. The weather is suitable year round, but the migrations mostly occur between March and May and between October and December.

Gstaad, Switzerland

The most beautiful and exciting winter landscapes are found when hot air ballooning above Gstaad. Swiss chalets, white snow covered mountains, the Swiss Alps and its villages are the main attractions every year in January, during the annual International hot air balloon Festival in Château-d’Oex, where balloons and balloon riders from all over the world make the landscape even prettier when filling the alpine sky.

Loire Valley, France

The Loire Valley, located 200 miles from Paris offers the Loire River landscapes that covers around 170 miles with more than 800 castles and manor houses, surrounded by vineyards, fields and forests. The view will make you feel part of a fairy tale where only princes and princesses are allowed to be. It is a spectacular view, best to visit between April and October.

Napa Valley, California, US

Napa Valley has over 600 wineries to visit on ground with a cup of wine in your hand and to view from above, while you enjoy the amazing view that resembles a quilt of all possible green tones you can imagine. The best time to visit is from March to May and from September to October.

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