Quepos: An Awesome Place That Will Leave You Wanting More


Located on the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Quepos is the capital of Aguirre canton and has a population of 11,000 inhabitants. The city has one of the best harbors on the country’s pacific coast and one the top 10 in the whole world for those who like to engage in sports fishing.  November is the month with the most visitors who are coming to test their skills catching swordfish and tuna, which are some of the most common in the region available to sport fishing enthusiasts.

Image courtesy of kansasphoto at Flickr.com

Image courtesy of kansasphoto at Flickr.com

There is a never-ending amount of things to do in the province of Puntarenas as you enjoy the weather, the food and engaging the friendly locals. The plaza has many restaurants, gift shops, and art galleries.

For those interested in nature and the outdoors, you could go on a nature hike and canopy through the trees as you witness some of the most amazing landscape you’ll ever see in your life. There are also great spots to visit if you love aquatic sports like kayaking, surfing, and rafting. The fauna and flora in Quepos are amazing and the law protects many of its endangered species and the ecosystem is preserved and highly safeguarded.


Espadilla Beach

Located near Manuel Antonio National Park. This beach and its overwhelming beauty attract tourist all year round, due to its peaceful nature and the lovely waters accompanied by the lush vegetation that meets with the sand. The place has a nice coral reef where many different species of fish can be seen. Espadilla beach is a great location to visit if you want to be active and also if you prefer to rest and enjoy the breeze and the amazing weather of Costa Rica. The currents are a bit strong at this place, so be careful with venturing too far out if you aren’t a strong swimmer.

Manuel Antonio Beach

Just like Espadilla and Puerto Escondido Beach nearby, Manuel Antonio Beach has all the amenities to make visitors comfortable. The place has areas for camping, showers and drinking water available so you can feel right at home. This beach is known for being very safe for visitors and a great spot for those who want to give aquatic sports a try.

Image courtesy of Sam Whited at Flickr.com

Image courtesy of Sam Whited at Flickr.com

Playa Puerto Escondido

This small beach is perfect for couples to enjoy together since it’s a bit quieter and very popular amongst those who just want to relax and enjoy their time together. The lush vegetation nearby gives it the perfect finishing touch for a very romantic getaway.

Natural Reserves

Manuel Antonio National Park

Known for being one of Costa Rica’s most important national parks and well as one of the smallest ones too. It is dedicated mainly towards the conservation and research of ecotourism with the hopes of offering great environmental training and education to those who visit. An area of about 18 acres is covered in mangroves completely and rich with many local species of mammals like the Central American agouti, known locally as guatusa, the white-headed capuchin monkey and the tití amongst many others.

Birds here are also very rare and not found anywhere else in the world. You can see different species of fishing hawks and pelicans cross the skies.

The park has many activities to enjoy alone, in small groups or with the whole family like nature walks, excursions and guided trips in a kayak.

Savegre River

The climate in this area is warm and rainy, but from December until April you can enjoy the dry season when most tourists come and visit. The locals have made a great effort to maintain the natural treasures of the area and to protect its entire species. The wild landscape is safeguarded in order to conserve the biodiversity and a system has been put in place within which the production of clean water and the generation of electrical energy have become a sustainable project. The diverse landscape includes many cliffs and steep pathways, but if you get closer to the coast, you can find the flatlands that are abundant on oil palms and many other indigenous trees. The tropical rainforest surrounds everything and you can find some trees that are true giants measuring more than 50 meters in height as well as many different land animals that simply walk around through the forest. The river makes its way to the Pacific Ocean still within the limits of the national park and culminates on a beach called King Beach.

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