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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, also known as the “Island of Enchantment”, is one of the best-kept secrets in the
Caribbean. This destination combines culture, history, and natural beauty in one exceptional
tourist spot and you cannot miss it.

Get ready to enjoy its white sand beaches, explore tropical jungles, and party all night in San
Juan. Today, we have the perfect guide for you to enjoy your trip to this Caribbean Paradise.




San Juan
Since Puerto Rico is associated with the United States, you might need a visa to come in. This
documentation isn’t necessary for all countries, Chileans don’t need a visa to get into Puerto
Rico. However, you must take a valid passport.

Puerto Rico has wonderful tropical weather all year long and it has high temperatures so make
sure you pack light clothing, a raincoat, comfortable shoes, sunscreen, and bug spray.
The official currency of this destination is the US dollar, and the prices for a lot of things are
very similar to the United States.

Although public transportation is pretty good, and there are taxis and platforms, we would
recommend you rent a car and explore this island on your own time. Even though the official
language is Spanish, most people, especially in the more touristy areas, will be able to speak




Puerto Rico beach
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The magic of Puerto Rico starts in the old San Juan. Walk through its wonderful colonial Streets
and dive into the history and culture of the island. Visit the San Felipe Del Morro Castle and the
San Cristobal Castle, two astounding fortresses that offer beautiful panoramic views of the
ocean. These are also great places to get to know more about the history and geography of Puerto

The modern area of San Juan is another impressive place to visit, and it resembles a big city in
the United States with its great hotels and great malls.

We would highly recommend you take some days to relax and just enjoy One of the incredible
beaches of this island. From the famous Condado beach near San Juan to the incredible
Flamenco beach in Culebra Island, this destination will have the perfect beach for your vacation.

You can’t leave Puerto Rico without visiting El Yunque, the oldest tropical jungle of Puerto Rico.
Explore the waterfalls, the flora and fauna, and take in the breathtaking views of nature, while
you hike. This is truly a paradise!

If you want a different type of experience, visit Vieques Island and discover the bioluminescence
of Mosquito Bay. Take a night kayak tour and admire how the microorganisms light up the water
creating a wonderful and unique natural spectacle.




Puerto Rico Cocktail
The food in Puerto Rico is delicious. Try the amazing local food such as the Mofongo, the tasty
roasted lechon (roasted pork), or the traditional tostones. But that isn’t all, don’t forget to try the
delicious Puerto Rican cafe.

Do you like piñas coladas? Visit the “Barrachina”, this is where it all began. Come to this
restaurant and try the original piña colada with the rum of the region. Just imagine, enjoying a
cold and delicious piña colada while you dance salsa and listen to the traditional music of Puerto

The people in Puerto Rico are known for being happy and dancing around. You’ll find music in
the street and you’ll see people dancing to it, so let yourself be swept away by their infectious
rhythm and energy. This will be a truly incredible vacation.

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