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If you’re a foodie traveler and you’re thinking of going to Chile, this post will interest you. From the Pacific coast to the valleys and mountains of the central region, Chile offers an incredible variety of dishes that reflect its rich culture and history. Here we will present you with 5 typical dishes of Chilean cuisine that no foodie should miss.



Dishes chile
Empanadas are an iconic Chilean dish, and the empanadas de pino are the most emblematic. Filled with an exquisite mix of beef, onion, hard-boiled eggs, olives, and raisins, these empanadas are an explosion of flavors.
Yes, empanadas unite us with Chile, so to try the best ones, go to La Vega Central in Santiago, where you’ll find stalls that serve them freshly baked and full of flavor. Let us know what you think afterward.



dishes chile
This comforting Chilean dish is the soul of their typical cuisine. A delicious soup that combines beef, chicken, or lamb with potatoes, pumpkin, corn, and vegetables. Cazuela is served hot and it’s perfect to enjoy on a cool day.
For an authentic homemade cazuela, visit one of the traditional restaurants in Valparaíso, where you’ll find unforgettable homemade versions.



corn pie
Another Chilean classic that you can’t miss. This delicious dish is prepared with a seasoned ground beef base, topped with a layer of sweetened corn purée with sugar and basil leaves.
Once baked, the pie gains a creamy texture and an irresistible sweet-salty flavor. At the Liguria restaurant, in the Providencia neighborhood in Santiago, you’ll be able to enjoy some of the best.



dishes chile
Get to know more about the emblematic places of the Argentine capital. Click here to discover them.

Originating from the Chiloé region, the curanto is a feast for seafood and meat lovers.
This typical Chilean dish is prepared by digging a hole in the ground, where layers of seafood, meats, potatoes, milcaos (potato cakes), and chapaleles (potato and flour dough) are placed. It is then covered with nalca leaves and slowly cooked over hot coals. To taste curanto at its best, the place is Chiloé.



chilean chorrillana
Chorrillana is a filling and delicious Chilean dish that combines French fries, steak, salted onion, fried eggs, and sometimes sausages, everything served on a large tray.
This dish is ideal to share with friends and to pair with a cold beer. To enjoy an authentic chorrillana, visit the legendary Bar Nacional in Valparaíso, where they serve a delicious version.



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