Praia de Pipa, Brazil

Praia de Pipa, Brasil

Found just south of Natal in Rio Grande do Norte, Praia de Pipa, or Pipa Beach, has been a beloved destination for Royal Holiday members for years. Named one of the top ten beaches in Brazil by the country’s top tourism guidebook, this navigable small community nestled within a protected ecological reserve of Atlantic forest offers everything travelers love about the Brazilian coast: astounding beaches, impressive natural beauty, and a friendly culture. Royal Holiday members will find it easy to fall in love with Pipa, with its sunny days and balmy nights, and whether one seeks relaxation or adventure, this fascinating region can provide.
The club’s affiliate in Pipa, Hotel Domus, provides Royal Holiday members with cosmopolitan luxury at every turn, from the 300-meter river-style pool snaking through the resort to the expertly manicured tropical gardens surrounding comfortable studio and ambassador-sized units. Located near Cancela beach in front of the natural edifice of Chapadão, Hotel Domus’ units each come with a private pool connected to the main “river,” as well as in-room amenities ranging from microwaves and mini-fridges to generous balconies. An exclusive resort suitable for couples and families alike, Hotel Domus is little more than a mile from Pipa, placing everything the town has to offer within easy reach.
The Portuguese gave what would become Pipa Beach several names through the years, including “Itacoatira,” or “big yellow rock,” and the Tupi Indian name “Orotapiry,” or “white man’s village.” A part of Tibau do Sul, a region bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Guarairas lagoon on the other, Pipa earned its current name from the distinctive barrel-shaped formation of the Pedra do Moleque on the Praia dos Afogados. The village remained a sleepy seaside town well into the 20th century, until, in the 1980s, young backpackers began frequenting the area for its excellent surfing conditions and boundless natural beauty. Soon thereafter, the rest of the world learned of the area’s extraordinary qualities, and Royal Holiday members have joined thousands of other tourists looking to enjoy this jewel of the Brazilian coast.
Naturally, seaside havens like Amor Beach and Golfinhos Bay remain the main draw for tourists; the former offers excellent waves for surfers, while the latter has earned its fame from the dolphins who visit every morning. The warm waters and strong breezes off the coast of Pipa make it perfect for all manner of water sports, and many Royal Holiday members get their first experience with kite surfing in these ideal conditions. However, these same conditions also make Pipa’s waters relatively dangerous for untested swimmers and young children. The calmer waters at Madeiro and Centro Beaches are more suitable for them.
Despite its name, however, Praia de Pipa has far more to offer than its beaches. The village’s nightlife has exploded in the 30 years since the tourism boom started, and Royal Holiday members can choose between all-night forró dances and exhilarating techno parties at several excellent bars and nightclubs. Others may wish to visit the ecological sanctuary surrounding the village; tourists will find easy access to hiking tours through the forests, as well as many opportunities for learning more about the local wildlife through projects aimed at protecting the dolphin and turtle populations in the area.