São Paulo, Brazil

São Paulo, Brasil

For the Royal Holiday traveler looking to experience Latin America at its finest, São Paulo, Brazil, the capital of its eponymous state and one of the most populated cities in the world, fits the bill nicely. With architecture that spans the centuries, an artistic culture that celebrates creative pursuits of all kinds, and cuisine from countries around the globe, São Paulo is an astoundingly cosmopolitan city. Perfect for the urban cowboys and culture fiends in the Royal Holiday family, this is one city that cannot be missed.

The club’s members will stay at the Slaviero Executive Jardins, the perfect destination for business and pleasure alike. Located near the city’s center and only blocks from Ibirapuera Park and Paulista Avenue, the Slaviero Jardins offers true luxury. With all the modern amenities one expects from a Royal Holiday destination, including Wi-Fi and satellite TV in rooms, as well as on-site banquet halls, a business center, and a gym and sauna, it is truly a sumptuous getaway. Whether one plans on working all day and enjoying the hotel’s bar in the evenings or coming back to the hotel only to nap in between excursions, the Slaviero Jardins will more than suffice.

With roots in a Jesuit college founded in the 14th century, the Colégio de São Paulo de Piratininga, São Paulo began its explosive growth during the dawn of the Brazilian imperial period. Today, it ranks among the 10 largest metropolises in the world and provides the beating heart behind Brazilian culture, business, and art. Unlike the Brazilian coast, with its sunny weather and temperate climate, São Paulo is unapologetically a huge city, and Royal Holiday travelers looking to experience the best it has to offer will find themselves overwhelmed with the sheer magnitude of the sights and sounds.

Famous for its museums, São Paulo has numerous temples to history and art, many of which are worth a visit for Royal Holiday travelers interested in immersing themselves in Brazilian and Latin culture. The São Paulo Art Museum is a work of art itself, with architecture provided by designer Lina Bo Bardi, while the Museum of Modern Art in Ibirapuera Park celebrates more contemporary work. Futebol fans will find much to enjoy at the Soccer Museum, while those looking for a taste of history would do well to visit the Latin American Memorial and the Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo and Museu da Língua Portuguesa.

São Paulo offers far more than museums and art galleries. Royal Holiday members looking for a party would do well to seek out a samba party on Saturdays, when numerous bars and clubs host live music. Shoppers will want to stroll down Avenida Paulista to browse the huge outdoor antique and handicrafts markets while chowing down on some esfiha. Taking a break from the city is as easy as catching a tour to the Ipiranga Complex, the home of the Paulista Museum and astounding old-world gardens. Gourmands will find more than their share of food at São Paulo’s excellent restaurants, from high-class Italian restaurants to the bustling food market of CEASA, Latin America’s largest.