Paris, France

Paris, France

For many Royal Holiday members, Paris needs no introduction. The capital of France and one of the most important cities in the world, La Ville-Lumiére (the City of Light) earns every bit of its continued fame. The vital metropolis has served for centuries as the birthplace of priceless art, breathtaking architecture, and scintillating culture. One of Royal Holiday’s most popular destinations, Paris offers an inspiring experience for every traveler.

Given the demand for Parisian vacations, Royal Holiday members have access to two first-class hotels in the region. For those looking for chic, authentic apartment-style lodgings, the Citadines Bastille Gare de Lyon will do admirably. Featuring full kitchens and rooms big enough for six, the resort also offers guests access to a charming private garden, as well as quick access to the Bastille Opera House, the Place d’Aligre market, and convenient Métro stops. Those looking for the true luxury experience will want to book rooms at the Citadines Prestige Les Halles, located within walking distance of Notre Dame, the Centre Pompidou, and Le Palais Royal. With cute kitchenettes, pet-friendly rooms, fitness equipment, laundry, and babysitting, it’s perfect for Royal Holiday members who want to experience Parisian luxury and sophistication at its finest.

Evidence of human settlement in the Paris area dates back as early as 9,000 B.C., though it took thousands of years for the city’s namesake, the Parisii tribe, to arrive. By 305, Romans has begun calling the location Civitas Parisiorum, and as the centuries rolled onward and France passed between rulers, Paris continued growing in stature. By the middle ages, the city had gained prominence as an intellectual and political hub. During the next few hundred years, it grew to become the unquestionable capital of France, as well as a center of international art, politics, and culture. Despite the conflicts that have swept across Europe in the past century, Paris has remained an important world capital.

Paris can seem overwhelming to a first-time visitor, and Royal Holiday members should accept that no one could possibly see everything the city has to offer in just a single visit. However, newcomers can easily create an itinerary that includes the city’s most famous attractions. Individuals might start with a trip up to the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower, then walk along the cultivated expanse of the Champs-Elysées, and later go see the incredible works of art at the Louvre. Everything Paris has to offer can be easily accessed via the Métro, and traveling by foot in one of the world’s most walkable cities will reveal countless little cafés and sidewalk eateries that demand to be sampled.

Of course, Paris has much more to offer than its tourist hotspots, and during the peak season, many Royal Holiday members will do well to escape the crowds and check out some of the city’s hidden gems. While the Centre Pompidou offers one of the best collections of modern and contemporary art in the world, the Palais de Tokyo, Musée d’Art Moderne, and the Galerie nationale du Jeu de Paume provide off-the-beaten-track delights at their impressive locations. The Jardin du Luxembourg has 25 hectares of family-friendly park fun, including a legendary playground, while the Jardin des Plantes, Paris’ botanical garden, has been cultivating rare plants since 1626. In addition, while every tourist will end up eventually taking one of the obligatory riverboat rides along the Seine, visitors should also consider taking the cruise on the Canal St-Martin, which goes from Bastille toward the Bassin de la Villette on an incomparable journey through the city.