Acapulco, Mexico

Acapulco, Guerrero


Acapulco, Guerrero

Bordered by the Sierra Madre del Sur range and its namesake bay, Acapulco is considered the crown jewel of the state of Guerrero and one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. For these reasons, it’s perfect for the Royal Holiday member looking to experience everything Mexico has to offer. A glamorous city on Mexico’s beautiful Pacific coast, Acapulco sits alongside a bay with clear waters and gentle waves, while the beachfront offers a 24-hour party. In order to make it possible for every Royal Holiday member to experience the famous charms of Acapulco, the club is affiliated with three destinations in the city.

Royal Holiday members looking for a touch of romance may wish to stay at the Las Brisas Acapulco, a luxury resort featuring charming bungalow-style villas and an efficient shuttle service that makes it easy to reach everything in the city. Others will delight in the Calinda Beach Acapulco, a distinctive hotel with a third-floor swimming pool, easy beach access, and comfortable rooms. Larger parties will feel at home at the Park Royal Acapulco, which offers restaurants, a combination spa and fitness center, and several activities included in the cost of a stay, as well as a range of rooms extending from comfortable studios to spacious suites.

The 16th largest metropolitan area in Mexico, Acapulco has it all, from exciting adventures to infinite opportunities for relaxation. Acapulco Bay’s calm, warm waters are perfect for the Royal Holiday member looking to enjoy a day at the beach, while the world-class Marina Acapulco and Acapulco Yacht Club offer fishing trips and excursions at sea. Thrill-seekers should head to the cliffs of La Quebrada to watch the famous divers, known as “los clavadistas,” make their daring leaps into the sea. Several cliffside bars and nightclubs make for an excellent spot to see the show.

Finding other adventures in Acapulco is easy. A hot-air balloon ride offers Royal Holiday members the best view of the city, mountains, and coastline in all their splendor, while the Skycoaster and parasailing and bungee jumping outlets provide even more excitement. For those who prefer more relaxing activities, several excellent spas draw in tourists and locals alike with pampering treatments. In addition, the new eco-friendly Punta Diamante development contains a golf course, spas, shops, and restaurants, all built with respect for the natural environment.

Although it serves as one of Mexico’s most prominent tourist destinations, Acapulco has a rich history that extends even further back in time. The Fuerte de San Diego, or San Diego Fort, offers visitors a glimpse into the past with its 17th century architecture and exhibits focused on its history as one of the most important garrisons on the Pacific. Acapulco is also home to a stunning work by famed artist Diego Rivera: a 60-foot-long outdoor mural made with brilliantly colored mosaic tiles. Those looking to bring home something to commemorate their trip can browse markets such as El Mercado de la Dalia or the Mercado Noa Noa, where handcrafted objets d’art, textiles, and other locally-made treasures abound.